Sugar Monsters

Greetings to all, today I want to speak a bit about an on-going personally challenging battle of mine…..hmm, where to start…well it could be a very long story.

In summary, since 2005, I became accustomed to drinking a lot of beer, wine, and other forms of alcohol, this in combination with processed foods and a terrible decision of drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics around 2009 and again around 2017, and only my body knows what other damage I’ve caused; this led me to discovering and developing, a fungal skin disease known as tinea versicolor*.

The inkblot type dots are the tinea versicolor fungal monsters that I loath and that really messed up my Mojo.👿

The thing about tinea versicolor (at least in my case) is that it can start small and you hardly notice it. My fungal over-growth (sounds pretty delicious eyy?) was first noticeable in 2010-2013 time frame, which at the time was on my neck only. I did nothing to resolve this issue, well to be fair I may have rubbed some aloe vera on it from time to time.

Morever over the years (yes it grew with me for years!!👿) and after so many half-butt attempts to get rid of the tinea versicolor; this year and this month (November 2018 I started a bit, but not as aggressively as in December 2018) I was fed up. Truth be told I met a nice girl who I am attracted to, we dated a bit and such, now we are focusing on foundational friendship, for long term gains 😊, and this motivated me to figure out what on earth is happening to my body. Insecurities about my skin ~ L.L.L.

So, the aggresive treatment I began to partake in included the following:

  • Change in diet (avoid processed sugar or high sugar fruits, also no pork – just because) – so many things have processed sugar 💩
  • Created a Food Diary (measured my allergic reactions over time, beer and turkish fig overdose caused a massive itchy, crawly grossy, yucky, Why is this my life?, kind of reaction.
  • Hydrotherapy (hot and cold showers, every so often
  • More regular application of pure coconut oil.
  • Herbal supplements/medicines (neem pills, pau d’ arco, black seed oil, Colon cleanse blend tablet, Forever young blend tablet, bee propolis every so often)
  • Started exercising more regularly
  • All of these things were and are being taken in various quantities but the effect is very positive.
In the very first picture, I had a raised like ink blot set up; as of now, my skin has calmed a lot and I am hoping that the discoloration will disappear. It looks very slight on my skin, but I myself can see it clearly…OHHH the horror👿🙃 ~ L.L.L.
Pardon my hairy-ness ladies 😉

This condition is said to be a reaction in the skin that not many people will have*, I am just one of the lucky few who get to deal with it (note – this is sarcasm). I am excited though, this is actually promoting better eating habits and a better lifestyle. Although I still want to and have dabbled a bit with pure/on the rocks Tequila (or pure Tequila mixed with a non processes sugar containing beverage such as baby coconut juice), I know that beer, white flour pancakes, white rice, etc. are off my list of things to consume for a while, if not forever.

Here’s a look at some of my new yummy delicious-es. *

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