Busy-ness is business

Lately I have been a busy bee, what does that mean truly?

I played my xbox 360, an outdated game system that still use a controller, and sometimes has terribly shotty graphics, not at all in the league of the virtual reality revolution.

Unfortunately for me, I am a bit afraid of virtual reality, I have convinced my inner psychee that I could possibly become trapped inside a virtual reality system, similarily to the anime ”sword art online.”

I have been preparing for the show, of a long time, not of a lifetime, but definitely a very intensely important show for my Chinese boss and Chinese stafr, including various performances, ie; dances, singing, a drama, musical instruments, etc.

This will be the end of my post, I needed to break the silence of my wordpress, I 💋whomever has read this, woman and child alike.

We won the basketball game; first time we played together for almost a month 😎

Be strong my people, may the force/boogie be with you 🤓