Cebu – The Queen City of the South

Located south of China, the province Visayas is one place I would love to visit again. Cebu is one of the top tourist spots in the Republic of the Philipinnes and is a land full of magic, spirit, and harmony.

The local people here are known as Cebuanos, they have a special Cebuano variation of certain foods and in my own personal opinion, Cebu is a lot more of an enjoyable experience than Manila. (to be fair I was a shy guy in Manila none of my amigos were there but I made new friends) I had an enriching Manila experience nonetheless.

Local superstars
The man with the plan ~

Little brothers, helped me find a basketball court~
Local cool guys

The Visayas island has various mountains/peaks, beaches, lush countrysides, and access points to different islands.

Those of you readers who have yet had the pleasure of visiting Cebu and/or the Philipinnes period, would be in for a treat, whereas Cebu island host a lively nightlife, yummy food, and local love.

Club Holic – Mango Ave

One must have in Cebu is the fresh buko juice or coconut, this delicious beverage is prepared freshly for you by street vendors from 10am until about 8pm. Costs an average of 10-30 pesos ~

Another treat is the grilled buko bread pie, cooked on top of a banana leaf I believe and each bite is so light and flavorful.

Buko bread – 20 pesos

One popular restaurant and tourist spot is tops of Cebu and I wil show you why!

From here you can see all of Cebu city, the food is great, the customer service spectacular, and what more could you ask for?

I am thankful and very much endeared by the Filipino people and the opportunity to visit their lovely isand…They truly embody the principles of island love ~