How time flies?

Was it just yesterday, I was 26 years old?

What has changed when I have aged?

Have I grown, have I overcome old obstacles?

A saying we often hear as children/teenagers, and even as adults, is grow up!

What is it like to grow up? Does growing up mean, I pay off all of my debts, get a girlfriend, own a pet, get married, have a nice house, a car, and a decent job?

Is it working for corporate executives? Is it owning my own business?

Is it finally telling that person how I feel?

To grow up, hmm I think it is an interesting concept, I think we are better to say, evolve. A wise woman said to me “stay there, and grow from there” as a mark of my growth and maturity.

To say grow up, is to vague, people will not understand what you mean…it’s like telling a plant to grow up, but plants take patient. It’s like telling a toddler to grow up but a toddler still has so much toddling (yes I am claiming this word) to do.

Time flies, things are happening so rapidly these days..Technology, war, drugs, famine, and of course you still have to pay bills and remember to honor your parents..Time flies, in my opinion, we shouldn’t try to grow up to fast…instead we should try to just grow together and evolve. ~ L.L.L.

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