Almost Summer

It is in the air, the feeling of letting myself free

The feeling of wanting to go into another place, to do something different

This is a time for me to connect to that which is greater

Maybe that is too vague, maybe it makes perfect sense.

Summer is a time where things grow,

Summer is when the weather is warmest, the sun shines its brightest

The sun kisses my skin, and I am thankful for its tenderness

The sun ignites my fire, my flame and desire

I know when it is summer time, that happiness is achievable

What are your efforts?

What you do the most, you will become the best at

If you play basketball every single day, then you will be a good baller

If you study and read every single day, then you will be a good scholar – Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

The hardest thing often times, is to relinquish that of which is no good to us, because we have tricked ourself into thinking that it is good for us.

Life is for the living, however, just because you are living and breathing, does not mean that you are alive.

Be creative, Be liberated, Be true – L.L.L.