The other side

As a high vibrating being of light, is it acceptable for me to give up on the mundane?

I am the creator of my reality, so why is it that in reality I seem to face some struggles.

Inner struggles, inner work, everything important is within, is that self-ish?

The way things have been construed, I wonder what is more productive and positive, a man who works hard or a man who works smart?

Working smart may include working keenly, working swiftly, and sometimes being cunning.

Working hard may include elbow grease, sweaty eyebrows, and coming home to some lemonade.

Truly there must be a mix in between the two?

I am not in a position to give answers, however a multitude of questions I do have…

Why and how to help my family to see that our health is our health?

Why and how to help my family to see that religion should be based on our personal relationship with the source, and if others agree, so be it, if they disagree so be it.

Que sera, sera, whatever will be will this the key?

Just some random ramblings of me ~