Movie Synopsis – Bright

Directed by David Ayer

staring Will Smith, Jacob Edgerton, and Noomi Rapace

Crime! Action! Fantasy! Thriller! These are a few of the genres under which Director David Ayer’s film Bright fall under. The film itself is high-energy, drama-filled, mysterious, and not-lacking some necessary action and humor. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, work as two police officers whose main duty, is the similar duty of most police officers, to stop crime and to keep the citizens of society safe. However, the very interesting twist in this film, lay around the fact and focus-point, that Smith is a human and Edgerton is an orc.

In my opinion, Bright, is a clever film which aims at relaying a message about racial indifferences, discrimination, and the crookedness which lies behind different authoritative positions and fields. Smith (Daryl Ward) is racy, intelligent, and straightforward, while his partner Edgerton (Officer Nick Jakoby) is humble, honest, and determined, together these two characters embark on a journey full of crime, action, fantasy, thrills, and even some good cheer.

The movie has all of the elements of other classics, betrayal, dirty police, and heroic decisions that need to be made (Whether reluctantly or not).

 I highly recommend all to watch this film and to let the magic-unfold (pun intended).

Dislaimer – I own no rights to the image presented or the character names, I am only writing a synopsis based on the film directed by David Ayer