Mucus-less Diet?!


In this age of many different health related fads, diets, and changes to eating habits, I would like to share one more!

This more newly found eating lifestyle, ties into being vegan, eating less meats/dairy, and even checking what vegetables that you are imputing into your body. There are many different natural medical professionals and people related to overall health studies. Arnold Ehret will be the topic of today, as the founder of the “mucusless diet.”

Not to go into too much detail about Dr. Ehret himself (which I would also suggest you research), I would like to focus this post more about this diet which is about a transition, a steady and slow transition from eating a certain way into eating a way that is mucus-less. Mucus as you may know is what we experience often when we have colds, fevers, or other symptoms. If you listen to Dr. Sebi, he says quite simply and pronouncedly that “mucus is the cause of all disease.” Now maybe some of us will disagree with it, for whichever reason, and to not be biased I will plead the fifth. I will only suggest that everyone takes the time to research: Dr. Sebi, Dr. Paul Goss, Dr. Ehret, Professor Spira, and see what sort of information to find.

I would like to see the world become a healthier and more positive place, the food that we consume, may be one of many links into our world becoming more harmonious.

I have some other information coming that will be health related, and I hope that you will stay tuned, and also don’t forget to comment!

Look below for some links and an interesting interview with a UFC fighter and Joe Rogan, that mentions the mucus-less diet.

Another interesting website is this page, created by Professor Spira:

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