Florida Sunshine Reflection

(An Oldie that I wanted to Share)

Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

Another beautiful day in Florida, I am inside right now because of the early rainy weather, thought I would get back on here to reflect

My ambition and dreams don’t match most people, my goals and what keeps my pushing forward are different than most, this is probably why I feel lonely at times, when I do have my best friends who are pushing for the same things as me.

Our paths are intertwined, maybe all of our paths are, all headed towards a bigger picture.

Work has been the same old same I denied a position for supervisor, even though I was already supervisor, didn’t really want the stress that they are dealing with and they would only be paying me 25 cents more with more responsibility (which I was already doing) and also a bonus that we may or may not be getting. I am happy where I am, planning to leave and move towards my goals, striving for happiness.

I see so much unhappiness around me, in the end the bigger picture will come through towards most. I see myself at work trying to fit in, this is something I constantly try to do, its a habit, one of those habits I’m working on breaking.

I think a little differently than the people around me, I am not in tune with the media or the latest vines, so I am a bit lost when some tell jokes or try to involve me lol. I am more in tune with giving compliments vs. complaints, that’s something I’m doing more..it makes me a lot happier.

Much love to all hopefully your dreams are coming true, keep pushing forwards

Live long and prosper (btw I watch all the original star treks and star wars lol, nerdfest maybe) MJ fought the BORG QUEEN

– I claim no rights to this link or the material contained within it. Michael Jackson We are here to Change the World

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