Poem of tha day – Coronavirus

Gas Mask Royalty Free Stock Image - Image: 8069966

Walmart stocks of supplies are low

Bottled water is disappearing

Me myself I bought a few

Life without water is hard to do

While I considered to drink a brew

My mother asked me to get corona too

Not really, she asked me to buy some bleach

I got gloves and bleach, soap, and rice and beans

Arroz con frijoles para siempre

Es una buena comida

Espero que el coronavirus no es grave

Do not worry too much but also be prepared

There was no toilet paper in there.

Walmart stocks are getting low

People are preparing so,

I hope that you will prepare as well

Have some water, take a breath

Stay inside and wait for the rest

Have some food just in case

Just be prepared for goodness sake

We prepare for Christmas

Why not for a disease?

These are the questions that I ask


Keep Calm and Stay Strong poster Royalty Free Vector Image

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