Poem of Tha Day

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Life is not always rainbows and butterflies

but it is life

Life is not always glitter and twinkling stars

but it is life

Life may sometimes be tough

Life may often be rough

Life can be scary or frightening

Life can be painful and chest tightening

But life is life all the same

Life is a gift it really is

whether you feel that way or not

you are alive for some reason

even if you disagree

life is alive

life is for living

if you are not living

then you are dying

so what can we do?

what can we do to live?

Maybe the answer is simple …trying

Trying to be and to do what we can

Or even more simple….being

being who we are

accepting ourselves and our flaws

accepting what we don’t know

accepting that we are accountable

every decision that we make

every action that we don’t take

shout out to Sting when he said

“Every step you take, I’ll be watching you”

This is a message from self to self

hopefully we can share in it’s wealth

may we all continue to grow

there is so much that I don’t know

but at least i’m growing an afro

Enjoy the tunes!!!

Life may not always be glitter and twinkling stars or is it?

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