Poem of Tha Day – COVID19


What does this mean to you?

A time to reflect on life?

A time that you worry about family members?

Is it a time of grief or a time of surrender?


I do not celebrate a virus that is harming others.

I am not pleased with the fact that some people are really losing their jobs and lives.

I am someone who focuses on the positives.

This is a time to review and to hide.

If hiding is what you are choosing.

If hiding is what you decide.

The what a prime time for it to happen.

CoVID 19, 2020 visionary sights.

I was working in China as a teacher.

I came home to visit my family.

This was planned as a 11 day trip.

Now it has extended past 2 months.

CoVID 19 was the cause of this,

it has given me a time to reflect.

Not by choice but by necessity.

Now I am thinking about what’s next?

Will I go back to China, far away from my family?

Go back and what happens if something else changes?

I am able to be here for my family,

over there I cannot be more than a voice or an image on the phone.

Because of CoVID19, I have a chance to reflect on my life.

I think about my health and well-being.

Not just physically but mentally and spirtually as well.

I think about my growth and what I have learned.

I wonder if it would sit well, or be swell?

Would it be swell for me to go so far away again?

To a place controlled so strongly by its government?

A place that lacks freedom of expression,

something that my homeland prides itself in?

I am not saying my land is the best,

because everyplace and every land has its issues.

But my place is my homeland,

and here I have used the most tissues.

Tissues for tears, tissues for scars,

tissues to hide blunts and cigars.

Tissues for the toilet, tissues for snot,

Tissues for cleaning up dead cockroaches and what not.

To be honest CoVID19 is a bit of a gift,

as long as you are healthy you are wealthy.

CoVID19 also known as the CCP Virus, has allowed the world a time to reflect.

Reflect, create, to dream and cultivate, to achieve, and do something big!

One thing I would like to mention,

is that we should consider carefully 5G.

These radioactive Babylonian systems,

are dangerous to our environment.

Animals of all kinds, especially the bees,

will fall to their knees without having direction.

The power of wifi and emf frequencies

will affect human beings tremendously.

Is it affect or effect?

Either way, I trust you get the point.

We should really put down the joints (if you are smoked crazy/brazy and lazy)

Or pick up a joint (if you are close minded)

And realize that we humans are directly tied,

to our environment.

Save the bees ~

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