Short Story – The Alligator

An alligator was strutting across a rocky path.

The path is covered by an archway of leaves.

These leaves belong to tall trees of various species, of which one is the palm tree.

Look at the alligator go, walking and strutting, or is it simply walking with no strut?

Do alligators strut, walk, or wiggle?

This American alligator had black pitches on it’s skin mixed in with some dark turquoise-green skin.

In actuality the alligator was on it’s way to somewhere important when suddenly it froze.

The alligator was minding it’s own business and walking to the other lake nearby.

It was in the early afternoon, around 1 o’clock,

when the alligator decided that maybe it should stop.

It heard and saw something approaching that was bigger and scarier than it.

What could it be, what would make the alligator freeze?

This creature was running and it’s steps came stomping in,

(crunch! crunch! crunch!) it was if the ground was breaking underneath the creatures feet.

It was running through the wind with the grace of a gazelle but the power of a horse.

The alligator had just made it’s way up this cement gutter area, before this creature came along.

Suddenly! The creature and the alligator met eyes!

Their bodies were separated by a fair distance, a distance of 6 or 7 yards.

The alligator turned around and headed for the hills!!

Well in this case back to the lake of which it came from.

The other creature also turned around and tailed it for a brief moment,

then it stopped after running for 1 yard.

The creature needed to capture it’s breath and think things through.

The creature wondered why an alligator, a feared and respected being of the aqua world,

would be afraid or run away from it?

“Just how mighty am I?” the creature thought.

I must be mightier than the alligator, swifter than a rabbit,

more graceful than a gazelle, and more dazzling than the handsome

Monkey King Sun Wukong himself!

Or maybe I just got lucky?

The creature cautiously continued down the path, it wanted to finish going to it’s destination.

To go around would take a long time and it would not allow fear to stop it

from completing it’s daily exercise.

So the creature, slowly and watchfully proceeded to see whether or not the alligator had set a trap.

The creature looked to it’s left and to it’s right, to each place, within and out of sight.

It looked high and it looked low, was there a hidden friend or a sneaky foe?

Luckily however, the alligator had long gone into the water, and was waiting

for the creature to go away so that it could continue

it’s journey to the other side today.

The creature, still a bit afraid decided to muster up the courage and strength,

to run as fast as it could across the pathway and the area that it once saw the alligator standing.

With a inhalation of breath, the creature took off, burning fire from it’s feet,

making sure that no trap would catch it.

There was not a trap in sight.

The creature in all it’s arrogance and pride, knew that it itself was indeed lucky that the alligator

was more terrified and shocked of it, becuase in a fair fight..The alligator would win, and the

fight would not even look so fair.

This is the end of our story.

Moral – Make sure to respect nature always, whether you are a human or the alpha wolf of the pack; you must be wise and mindful of the dangerous of the world. It is not about being afraid, it is about being smart.

Thanks for tuning in, we will see you next week, until then;


Alligator in Wetland stock photo. Image of alligators ...

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