Poem of Tha Day

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To be free is to be

Kanye West says he wants us to be free, free to say what we really mean

Express what we really want to say at any moment

It’s uncomfortable at first

but if we really want it

we will do it.

When we were children,

before society grasped us with it’s cold and sharp claws,

we expressed ourselves as freely as a seagull at the beach.

Express ourselves freely,

Dame Dash said the same

Michael Jackson, NWA, Dr. Sebi, Tupac Shakur, and Prince wouldn’t disagree,

It starts with the man in the mirror, and the sound of doves crying is truly breathtaking

It wouldn’t be surprising if David Goggins had these ideas as well

As humans we are trapped within our own minds

Kid Cudi told us this years ago

Freddie Mercury sang “I want to break free?

To break free from what exactly, is it to break free from this boxed version of me?

This is something that is agreeable for all men.

As a man one of the most important relationships that he will have is with his father

A father is a man’s best friend, not sure where the dog idea comes from

Dogs are lovable and loyal maybe this is why they are a man’s best friend

it could be quite possible that owning a dog is a man’s first try at being a father himself

being responsible of another life is important indeed and you can learn so much from it.

But let’s be real, no amount of pet or friendship, could ever outweigh the importance of a

father son relationship.

Women, I warn you, don’t date a man who has a strained relationship with their father

seek men who have a strong sense of self

who are confident

who have a loving and supportive relationship with their family.

This is what you want dear women, you want a man who is able to be present

not a man who you need to remind to be present and ask hey do you hear me?

you want a man who knows how to care and be vulnerable

not a man that you need to teach, argue with and try to show how to be vulnerable.

You want a man who will protect you, cherish you, and take time to understand you.

You want a man to be your best friend, your counsel, the one who knows how and when to listen

One who knows when to silently support you, one who knows how to guide you with patience

one who will correct you when you are wrong between the two of you and defend you no

matter what no matter the circumstances.

You want a man who is comfortable being a man, who knows what that means,

his identity is his own.

You want a man who knows how to lead, how to follow, and how to walk with you.

A man who knows when to make you laugh or to take you seriously.

Actually everyone wants this in their relationship with men,

a man who knows how to be their for them, whether as a friend, coach, mentor, student,

father, son, drill instructor, minister, chaplain, flight attendant, you get the idea (right?).

The problem with this though, is that many men are broken by their relationships with their fathers.

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