Poem of Tha Day

As the wind whispers across the liquid plain, a gentle song of creativity.

As the chipper and lively one goes from slim giant to slim giant, minding it’s own business.

As the grunt of an old soul can be consistently heard, from near and far.

As the furry runner descends to search and ascends to retreat.

As the family of five, or today is it three, travel abroad to their new favorite spot.

As the colorful ones project their glow upwards and outwards onto all whom are seeking their blessings.

As the great waters above, awaken for a new day, it’s ever shining glowing eye slowly goes ajar, the heat of life arising from within.

As the great unconquered, unknown, and unmatched glorious liquid space begins to warm.

As the two legged beings arise some who never rested through the night, others who are finishing up duties they consider to be important.

As the strange creatures soar in the sky, similarly to the chipper ones, but these creatures that are so noisy and leave behind trails of unnatural elements.

As the four round legged creatures begin their various journeys on the starless snake path winding itself throughout the four corners of the great experiment.

As the viewer reads this poem.

Life goes on.

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