Poem of Tha Day

How is it then that I feel this way?

Is this Providence? Is this some Act of Divinity? It this some random glitch within the matrix?

Oh, what is it? What could make me feel this way?

What on Earth could have happened to me, why do I feel so light inside?

I feel like for some reason I should pour my soul out, let the darkness that I have held within, drift into the forever of the Nether.

Of nothingness we arose and of something we will return to.

What is this all about? What’s the pointing of writing at all? Can’t the text be manipulated?

What good is the truth, if no-one lies? Of what purpose is the lie, if everyone tells the truth?

The honest fool or the lucky miscreant, who is the better or the worse?

What opinions should we have, what has allowed them?

Why have we become so OPEN to the IrONy? What am I even saying anymore?

If a pen can bleed and the sun can sleep, there is no need for tears or fears.

For if this is life, then in fact it is to no surprise that death is terrifying.

What if this is death and life is awaiting us? Should you rush to die?

Would you rush to die? What are the rules of life?

Are the rules of life the rules of death as well? Can you have life without death or death without life?

If life doesn’t matter because death is guaranteed, what room is their for fear?

Or is it that life is guaranteed, so much so, that we would only fear something that is not life?!

And if life were not life, then my dear, this would be something else in entirety!

My oh my, what an illusion do I see, or is the mind playing tricks on me?

Who signed me up for this video game, I want control of my brain.

I want to regain my intelligence, divine and seperate from thee, which is not welcome.

I choose to shine my life and be the being of which I am, a being of light, I am not black nor brown, I am Bright!

Shining brighter than the brightest diamond, I demand respect, I am respect, I am Kindness, I am truth.

I am the best that I am, and I am we, and we are great, we are great because we are ALL. I am grateful to the ALL, Ashe 00 yea2xs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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