Poem of Tha Day – Fasting

What is it about abstaining that makes us grow so much?

When we abstain from sex, we can increase our mental connection with others or ourselves..

When we abstain from watching too much TV, we can do the same.

When we abstain from drinking soda and fast food, we are able to feel more healthy and energetic.

When we abstain from thinking negatively, we feel more positive.

What is it about suffering that unites us?

When we practice fasting such as in Ramadan, we develop a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst other fasters.

When we suffer the effects of teachers who are cruel we unite together against them.

In the military the drill sergeant becomes the enemy of his cadets, they unite against him!

When pledging for a fraternal organization, you and your line unite against the older brothers!

What is it about us humans, that makes us so social?

Who can truly live in isolation for years without any conversation with anyone, and be happy?

They say that if you cannot be happy by yourself you cannot be happy with anyone else, but is this true?

Is it that we the humans are so different and unique from the animal kingdom?

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