Poem of Tha Day – Rich or Poor

The poorest man is the richest man for he has nothing to lose.

The wealthy are always working on keeping their wealth.

The ebb of the bee flows with the tribe of wolves.

The man who has it all, knows that he has nothing, the man who has nothing has it all.

Is it bitterness that we choose to envy others, is the battle for goodness a righteous cause?

Perhaps it is better to be dark, wicked, and unrighteous, whereas it is written that we are all sinners.

The pain of life, is the illusion of death.

Why fight, if we all die anyways?

Do we have any control, or should we surrended?

The illusion of seperation is just that, an ill lie.

All men are not created equal, for this is the tragedy of mankinds mind.

All men were created is more accurate.

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