Short Story – School Daze

Warning: This posts contains some explicit language, readers be advised, and enjoy it! Rated PG 13 (for some profanity, gritty)

Charles awoke suddenly due to the radiating sunlight which was beaming into his face. Slowly, but surely, this light was prying his eyes open, but he was still very tired and wanted it to be a dream.

While squinting his eyes, Charles was wondering to himself. Didn’t I close the damned curtain? Why on Earth is it open?

As Charles began his usual ascent routine from bed: which begins with slowly scratching his patchy and super curly facial hairs, then forming his body into a ball, then tightening his ab muscles while rockin and rollin backwards and forwards, and lastly rolling up vertically with his butt pressed down onto the mattress and sitting cross legged Native-Chief Style to prepare for a quick meditation.

Immediately he noticed the seated figure in his room.

“Yo! What the Fuck!?” He said angrily with a bit of regret that he didn’t have his machete on hand, it was under his bed instead of his pillow where he normally puts it at night.

“Chill brotha, tis all good, take a deep breath and be ready for the goodness of Jah,” calmly spoke the strange figure.

To gain an upper-hand over this uninvited visitor, Charles took a slow and belly deep breath while squinting through his right eye, to take a peak and to observe the direction in which this voice was coming from.

Sitting near the edge of his room, on an blue circular rotating desk chair that has a circular base, rusted metal poles, and a little latch on the side for ascending and descending. Charles could make out the figure a little better.

He had recognized the voice but was still a little hungover from the night before and so his brain was not registering as quickly as it could.

“Brotha, wake yo ass up! It’s already like 730am and you still in bed homie, didn’t we have something important to do today?” the figure fumed. “Open your eyez, my nigga, let’s get with it…here brah!”

The figure reached towards Charles hand, which in typical fashion upon smelling the smell of goodness was outreaching and ready to receive.

Charles could smell the savory, natural, and loud smelling herb, that he was being passed. He could feel the warmth emitting from the lit end of it and with the help of his un-known visitor received it safely in his right hand’s pointer and middle finger.

When he inhaled through his nose, the scent of it alone made him hungry, as if the smell of this herb could satisfy his every desire all at once.

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