Twinkle Little Star – Poem of Tha Day

*Parental Advisory – Swear Words are used*

Twinkle little star, what is sabotage?

Is that what is happening right now?

I mean like, how can humanity do this?

I am so clueless,

I usually have the recipe, but dammit man the Chef is out.

Fox is out,

CNN, MSNBC, and all of their helicopter cameras is out.

Control us how?

By shooting us down,

poison-us gas, yah’ll lost Vietnam,

They had the last laugh.

Hahaha and boy am I glad

We ain’t scared to whip yah’ll ass.

Actually, the only reason you are

still standing in the land of the “Fake” free

is probably

because you have the indigenous on your land see.

Hypothetically, if the White Man,

took a seat.

And just let a nigga be, no drugs, no system designed to oppress black families,

no credit score, past-criminal history,

lynchers didn’t have any history and they own so much property?

How can this be?

Written on – June 2020

Tranquility and Power – Ase

What Is African/Black Internationalism? — The Black Alliance for Peace

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