Poem of Tha Day (Struggle)

To struggle

Struggling seems to be a real part of life

When viewing what we encounter

We often miss what we could have learned from

The struggle is real!

But is it neccessary?

Why must we fight to live?

Are we just pro-longing or delaying our death?

What is the purpose of being alive, if our life is not being lived.

Does that make any sense?

Some may wonder, well if I am living and breathing then I am alive!

But then, based on that definition a zombie is alive as well.

And logically upon this conclusion being alive could be being zombie-like.


I have a problem with this.

I have an issue with my being alive-liness being compared to zombieism

No, I say life is different.

Being alive is thriving, having joy, having passion, experiencing new things.

Being alive is a thing that you must work earnestly on.

Being alive isn’t texting or calling your friends on the phone.

Being alive is hugging your friends in person and laughing together,

arguing together.

Being alive is moving, breathing, thinking, feeling, and doing.

Being alive is ultra-sensory, you use all of your senses.

You use all that has been given to your upon your individual creation.

We are alive, because we live and because we do, we are not alive because we do not.

Does this make any sense?

If not,

fear not,

I am posting this one for free.

Take it easy ~

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