A Prayer to My Creator


I ask that you guide us, for we do not know which way to go.

I feel so angry and for the reasons some I know.

I should glow with light and be a shining example,

Sometimes it seems so strange living this way.

It hurts me to see what is happening, teach me creator to be an observer

May I not participate in the hate.

My soul is truly a treasure, I ask that you show me the way.

Show me how to truly serve you creator, for you I am your slave.

I do not ask for pay, I do not want redemption,

It is only to go in the way that you have aligned for me, my dharma, my pathway.

You delivered me out of China away from any viruses, you protected me when in Africa,

Where I took huge chances.

You have been there for me since I can remember and even before memory began,

Creator it is to you I owe my allegiance,

Help me to be your kind of man.

When life gets all mixed up, I always turn to your heavenly grace.

Alone I am nothing, but through you I can be great.

Please Oh Creator, The Divine, Hand-Crafting Artist,

May Heavens womb shed her blessings on us, because we need your guidance.

May our enemies fall, even the enemies within our own hearts,

May we vibrate higher towards your love, shedding the darkness,

May the darkness be loved as well, may no stone be unturned,

Please shine your light within me,

So that I can shine my little light.

Creator, I often err in my ways,

I am but a foolish man,

Creator it is to you I owe my allegiance,

My peace of mind and sanity,

Whether within or without, whether within and without,

Faith seems to give me strength.

My mother prays to you fervently,

My brother and sisters follow your ways,

Please mold me to be what I am meant to be,

Creator for you I don’t mind being your slave.

You are my creator, the one before the beginning began,

You are the one after the ending ended, there are no words to give you honor,

Only a feeling of lightness and love.

Creator you are within, without, below, and above.

Creator although my skin is black, my blood is red, and your land is green,

I know that beneath it all I am a spirit filled being.

Ase ~

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