Trailer Park Gardens

Trailer Parks have some of the most beautiful gardens.

I am convinced of this.

The usage of space, in an area that I would consider trashy or low class,

has left an impression on me.

I took a photo, but not I cannot find it,

because the photo was taken,

on another phone that doesn’t belong to me.

For you see, I am a traveler,

I have done so my whole life, since before my life began.

From the universal ethereal waters through my mothers womb.

We are travelers.

I have traveled throughout space in time.

While I live in the Eastern time zone,

others live in Beijing time.

We are time travelers.

I have lived through, racial tensions,

global crisis,

economic frights,

and unjustice,

yet I am still alive.

I am a survivor.

If you are alive as well,

if you are alive and well.

You are a surivor too!

Congrats Hue-mans!

Keep up the good work, times are changing,

we are rising,

we will not stop rising,

we will shine,

we will glow,

unless you choice not to, maybe we have that choice,

that power to not evolve,

hue-mans are natural beings,

can we really evade the natural laws?

We are space dust, no less than the trees and the stars,

Desidarata is a poem I enjoy.

Earth Wind and Fire.

Much love to the Legendary Delightful Diva Ms. Nina Simone.

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