Short Tale – The Blue Pond Lake

On a warm, autumn morning, before the sun is fully up, this is around the time that the morning dew begins to dry.

The dew is usually cold on your feet, so cold that it makes you shudder and want to dance.

Some people want to dance, others want to shiver, others want to jump up and down.

It is during the morning hours, a little bit before noon time, that we are able to see the real show!

Life is having a party!

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Five ducks waddle near the blue pond lake. There are five of them, two adult and three adolescent.

Ducks stick together, they waddle, they cluck, they fly, they swim.

Ducks are mighty, the mighty ducks, waddle around the green grass, looking for something to take a bite of.

The ducks hault in their movement….something is coming around, near to them, and they are not ready for it!

It is so tall, so big, and it’s moving so quickly. Standing on two legs similar to the ducks, but it looks like one of the plants. This walking thing, looks like the tall plants that have green hair and long arms.

It is coming near to the ducks!

The ducks are not sure what they should do, they are curious as to whether they should run away or not. The ducks are now looking at each other, and looking at the tall brown thing.

Yes it is brown, it is tall, and it is almost near us!

Ohhh (siggh) of relief.

The tall brown thing, moves away from the ducks.

The tall brown thing goes off near to the water and takes a seat on top of the green grass.

It sits, breathes in and out, and stays there for such a long time.

After a few minutes, butterflies and birds begin to fly nearby the sitting brown thing.

To them it sees that this brown thing is working alongside the universal law, it is enjoying nature and is experiencing the goodness of the Almighty All!

The sitting brown thing is watching the sky, the sitting brown thing is breathing slowly and deeply, the brown thing is enjoying the sounds, seems to be in tune with nature and it’s surroundings.

The birds, the ducks, and the butterflies, the grass, the water, and the many flowers, wonder just what is this sitting brown thing?

Well…maybe one day they will find out. But for now, it is best just to observe this peaceful communion between mama nature and the extra-terrestrial.

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