Poem – Focus

spider web on green grass during daytime

Creativity takes time, it cultivates as we experience.

The more creative you are the more creativity you have output.

The more creativity you put out the more creations there are.

Simply, create as much as you can and use your imagination.

Having an ability to create and to design is a gift during these times.

Our mind is treasurable, the honorable Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

One of the best things for the mind is for it to be rested and stimulated.

There is a time and a place for mental rest and for mental stimulation.

When you are planning for the future, allow your mind to wonder a bit.

Your mind will wonder to different places because thought exists.

Within those thoughts filtered and scattered throughout are fantastic ideas for your future.

Take note of those ideas, take note of the things that bring love, light, clarity, harmony, and peace.

Follow this flow and allow this wave to stimulate you, later when it is time to rest you can absorb.

Essentially your mind is a sponge with so much junky water around purification and filtration is a necessity.

Your thoughts are not your own, in most cases.

You know when you are thinking really hard about something, such as for an examination.

You studied all night and now you are taking the final exam for calculus and your focus is there.

That’s you controlling your mind and training it to single out what is important to you.

You are the master of your mind. Your mind can take your to higher places.

If you are mastered by your mind. Your mind can take you to dark pits.

Be the master, choose your fate, choose your destiny.

It’s 2021, let’s make it count.

Much praise and thanks to the ancestors, my ancestors, the indigenous black woman and the indigenous black man ~ Ashe

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