Poetry – Gifts

Most gifts that I would like to receive, I already have.

Most of life is a gift.

The more present I am, the more at home I am within.

The gift of life do not I remember asking for.

But I have it nevertheless..

Life is full of gifts, at this present moment I am most grateful for my family.

My family is full of life and challenges.

I asked God to provide a family or friends or a relationship where I am understood.

I asked God for strength.

Now I am challenged by the needs of others.

Now daily I must challenge myself to be kind and recieving to love in various forms.

As a member of a family, you are a part of a team.

You are a part of the starting line up, you are an essential key to the chain.

A chain being as strong as the weakest link means you should strive to be great.

Greatness is measured by your own definitions of success.

The most difficult part of teamwork is authenticity.

Are you able to stay grounded in the face of adversity?

In high school, did you want to be a part of the “in” crowd?

Did you want to be a part of the nerds/skaters/goth/jokes/etc?

The labels we had in high school formed a huge part of whom we became.

Those high school evolutions aren’t final, there is no absolute in life bar 1…

The only thing constant is change, this is an absolute law of the universe.

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