Poem of the Month – Dreamer

Photo by Meru Bi on Pexels.com

I’m a dreamer!

When people see dreamers, they wonder what is the secret to dream fulfillment.

Dream realization occurs when we work consciously towards our dreams.

The state of mentality that humanity often lives within is one of fear.

Fear is the opponent of dreams.

Because of fear dreams go unanswered and unfulfilled.

An unfulfilled dream, well, how do humans feel about that?

How does it feel to be a human being who has lived their entire lives without persuing their dreams?

Some may wonder, what is the purpose of a dream?

Can a dream be a burden?

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Burdens and dreams are two peas within the same pod.

When we are burdened by our fears, our dreams are what gives us motivation and guidance.

Our fears burden us in the way that they can hold us back.

How can we move forward when we have an anchor tied to our ankles.

In order to move forward, humans take two steps,

one foot, two foot, three foot, and so on.

This is progression, progression attributes to dream realization.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

Once we as humans overcome our personal fears, once

we make a choice to progress, in the face of all adversity.

Then we are choosing to live free,

we are being vulnerable and open!

Invulnerability is often discovered through hardship,

unless you cast a magic spell, you don’t know whether you or invulnerable or not.

Unless you are captured by an enemy,

or are in the face of adversity,

we do not know our level of invulnerability.

And whether pressure builds diamonds is a scientific fact or not,

Faith and Positive Energy Action move mountains.

That being said,

Let’s all do what we can to imitate the baby bird,

jump from the nest!

Take a chance, spread your wings, and fly!!

(PS – Don’t worry I’m afraid too! Let’s do our best to face our fears together)

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Pexels.com


(this poem was originally posted from dreamcultivatecreate.com on November 2020)

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