Poem – Sweet Orange

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~

At first my excitement came solely because of the love I had for the bonding moment.

A chance to try a quality product homecrafted with love and purity.

Alchemically formed by the personification of truth, love, time, and memory.

Upon inhalation my olfactory system goes wild!

It smells so delicious that I could eat it!

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~

⚠️ Warning this product is not for consumption or ingestion ⚠️

Ahh, sighhhh….

Guess I really shouldn’t eat it, but smelling it does wonders for my mind.

Through each inhalation, my mind is stimulated and yet calm.

I am the master of my mind.

How can such a joy be contained within a jar like this?

Something this good should be illegal, luckily it’s not! I’m grateful.

This sweet orange oil is like the freshly juiced orange-fruit, timely picked from the tree.

It is so nice to see, that others are enjoying my scent as well.

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~

As I walk by…the fragrance lingers, others lean in towards my essence of orange mist, light, and fantastic-ness.

Little do they know that they are experiencing something rare.

The smells, the feelings, the extrasensory overload is so necessary.

In a world overridden with pollution of various origins.

The sky (air) has worms in it, the nutrition (food) is genetically synthesized, and the water (ocean) has trash and oil in it.

Unfortunately these are but a few examples of the pollution we see on this planet..

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~

Luckily, we have products like these.. products that alleviate the hurt and awkward smells we encounter outside.

Life continues steadfastly

…but do you understand?

People rush to their destination, walking past the journey, missing steps that accelerate growth and awareness.

Life continues steadfastly

…But would you understand?

~ Ssnnniiiiiiffffff ~

Fragrances, oh orange and love, if you filled the air daily, life would be made more simple.


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Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

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