Short Story – Wind Touch pt: 1-2

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A long time ago, when animals talked amongst humans, when trees could not only walk, but spoke, and taught the newborns of all; a time when those Giant trees befriended the Ants, The Termites, and The Woodpecker.

This was a time when the Sun had only recently befriended the Moon. A time where Chaos could agree with Peace, and Love was the Law of the All. At this time, as with all times, there was a discussion between the Wind and the Sky.

The Wind wanted to be able to reach the people of the Land of Earth.

The Wind knew that if there was a way for Sky to help her dream come true, Sky would have done so already.

The Sky would love for the Wind to do this, but the Sky didn’t know how to help the land reach.

“So far away is the land from we” says Sky.

“It is my friend, make we a plan to reach way” replied Wind.

“Is it possible? What kinda plan we have in store? – wondered Sky.

Wind did not respond. Sky knew that to mean that her laopengyou already has included her in her plans.

The two carried on this conversation for quite some time, so much so that the Heavenly Twins had taken turns sharing their power over 1hundred thousand times (100,000) until one day they discovered the walking ones.

Tall, short, thin, round, and with various shades of brown were the walking ones.

The walking ones, would jump into the waters below the sky and they would also climb upon the tall brown giants who had green hairs protruding from their head.

In the land, everyone referred to the walking ones as umhlobo.

These people were mighty beings whom had so much love for the sky, the ocean, the land.

Because of the love and kindness that was shown, Wind decided she wanted to work with the Atlantians.

“I think they are the ones” exclaimed Wind, “it is they, who can bring harmony and help me to reach all throughout the land.”

“Yes I, help it can, plan what shall we?” thoughtfully Sky says, “For we and we to meet, connection is necessary!”

Sky continued “When we look at you Wind, we see that you spread yourself throughout the land…yeeh you say you feel you are not able to reach it.”

Wind chuckled “Haha, it is because of you sister, I live within your domain, I share with you, I appreciate you!” My place is within the sky, within the airs, where the winged ones float so effortless and the heavenly twins take turns in their luminescent grandeur.

“Well, we have an idea, we say” smiled Sky “yes indeed, a divine situation, praises to tha one most high!”

Sky called upon the ocean above, this water we referred to as rain, wind, clouds, and the storm. The storm lasted for three years. Many creatures did not survive the great storm, however the one’s who endured became legendary and mighty beings of renown. It became important for the Atlantians and all other beings to learn and adapt their surroundings. Many of them didn’t need the land anymore, as they had adapted to a lifestyle of in-water mer-people and on-land beings.

Part 2

“When mi Ptah say hm kum bak?” Tlma said while overlooking the White Rain.

“Hm not over derr” Mama Umu stated pointedly. “Tings don jus disappear ya know, jahh. Ya Likle ones these days so fast ya know, take lyf easy dearestt yaaa no wut I saaayy hahahaha.”

Mama Umu was the village elder, she was the cornerstone of Atlantis. Priestess, oracle, healer, mother, gardener, wife, official, merchant, and more; as the village elder…..

boy showing hand with rubber

(December 24, 2020) – 10:07pm

Kemba one of the greatest gamesmen in Atlantis, sat and looked as if in conflict or deep thought. “What is it…..What is it?! I wonder?” He pondered… Kemba had just arrived to the off-island.

“What is her going off about?” thought the dark and powerful figured gamesmen.

“Man idk that man always had issues if ya ask em” chants the fairy Olegba

“Man idk that man always had issues if ya ask em” chants the fairy Olegba

“Man idk that man always had issues if ya ask em” chants the fairy Olegba

“Shuttup Kemba” Kemba thought to himself. ”Olegba, why ya torment me so..?” Kemba shouted to his magical helper.

Olegba was flying around Behind Kemba’s back…going from shoulder to shoulder, glowing and singing lightly. He was seated in the Yardin of Thebes, on a giant stone, feet touching the soil, it’s richness was like a massage on his toes. The air of Atlantis had always been so fresh and crisp, during the spring and summers, the sky of the southern lands was filled with hints of lavender, vanilla, and mint. Winter and fall winds brought fragrances of pumpkin, cinnamon, and cocoa. This land was a sight for all to enjoy, frogs, birds, and monkeys shared the soundwaves under the shade and protection of the Baobab, Sequoioideae, and other giants.

Kemba and Olegba enjoyed each others company, but they fussed a lot. This was another one of those days. Actually the past few weeks had been exceptionally challenging for the duo.

There are neighborhoods, towns, cities, and organizations who have or who would like to ban their training and mission

“Juust for yuh I will”…a voice is heard faintly in the background….”I will do anything”….”ohh dearrest itz been long time..”

Kemba rose, shivers ran down his spine..he felt as if he were going to be sick..he felt so hot and warm, his heart skipped and floated all around!

“My dear’st mi everyting y more…My amor, wo ai ni, mi felicidades, why have you been gone from me for so long, it was too hard!” Kemba shouts singingly.

“Yuck!! Come on Warrior Gamesman!” “Tsk Tsk (Olegba sucks on teeth) why tha bwoy all up n gon fall awayyy…..all inna di love…him nose wide open so…he feel himself enamored na armoured…no man dare fear him now” The look of disgust on Olegba’s face was enough to scare away the smaller critters in the yardin. The look on Olegbas face was much to much to bear.

“Haha yea yea, anywazz Nipahh whats up, why ya look a me like ya perplex so? Ya no tink ya see me again…did ya?” said Alafia

“I enjoy every moment of you dearest. It do a man good to see him woman return home from her woman truly a man is made with love and cheerfulness” states Kemba while smiling. It had been quite some time since Kemba had seen his best friend and lover, his mentor and guide, the priestess Alafia.

“Shuttit, ya kno we cant go talkin reckless so ya know what ur father would say? ” chuckles Alafia. “You know how he iz, ayye!”

“It do na matter wut him man say, me love is love just mi life, mi love for you is without waiver” states Kemba.

The two lovers held each other, while Olegba looked into the distance. Olegba was thinking about something, something terrible yet something that he knew would be good for his comrade.

“Wut perplex ya so, Nippah, why ya no say ya miss me now…yah wanna hurt me, yea!?” inquired Alafia. Kemba stood arms around the waist of Alafia, Alafia held his muscular back in his hands. She felt so safe with him around her, and she knew that all that she went through to get back to him was worth it.

Olegba says towards the two lovers, “Listen a mi, I don’t want no fussn from ya Fia…Only you kan call me Nippah so, and don go telln no one, that we are friends…I only miss one ting, and that’s the fairy meals ya put on mi plate!”

The two lovers laughed so fully, they were happy to be united and their friend Nippah’s spirit was grouchy yet focused as always…

“So wat now!?” all of them stated at the same time…The three looked at one another…more laughter, they had been through a lot, and knew that Fia had much more work before she can be recognized by the head priestess of her village. Kemba still had more training to undertake, and Olegba had more magick to aquire….

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The end, for now =)


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