Payment – Poem of Tha Day

My greatest achievement will be my family and earnest efforts.

I will love fearlessly and with a warm heart.

The happiest moments in my life have occured when I have had family around.

Family is a friendship.

I have feared love because I have feared myself.

No longer will I allow fear or uncomfortableness to stop me.

Family is a mentorship.

I am trying to be the greatest that I can.

True greatness comes from family, true greatness comes from quality relationships and accomplishments.

The man who has a brother is the richest man.

Family is intelligent

I am in love with my family.

Everyday I try to discover new things about myself, how to learn myself, and how to love my family.

Family is love.

Love who you are.

Love your mistakes and own them.

Love your successes and celebrate them.

Practice saying – I apologize, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.



I’m rich because my family is my source of love, balance, accountability, loyalty, growth, and more!

It pays the mind to know that love surrounds you abundantly.

~ Peace

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