Bedtime – Reflection

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Bedtime, a little positivity and gratitude before I drift off into the magicks my night mind.

I wonder what dreams we will have today! Hopefully I get to talk with animals or something =D

Before sleeping, I really should limit time away from my laptop (blue-light), and yet here I am.

I am thankful for this laptop, I obtained it after my previous (Refurbished lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon) one had broken. This laptop has served me well, and it seems to be of good quality.

I think of the greatest things about technology is it’s way of connecting us and entertaining us as well.

But honestly, robots and AI, seem like a horror story waiting to happen.

Back to the positives (see sometimes it’s challenging). In this life, I have so many things to be thankful for.

I have spring water to drink, I have older and younger siblings whom love, respect, and cherish my existence.

I even have two parents who have for better or worse, stuck together in marriage for 20+ years!

I have so many things, inside I know that I am truly blessed by the best!

Being a wordsmith, enables me to express ideas, in a safe manner.

Releasing old thoughts, welcoming new ones, are some of my weekly spiritual reorganization activities.

Time to reflect on positive moments of the day, recently I have been reading in the art of manliness about staying positive and training your mind against negative bias.

Takes time, but I don’t mind (actually I do! still working on it) Haha.

  1. “You got this.”
  2. “You’re capable.”
  3. “You can change.”
  4. “You’re strong.”
  5. “You’re in control.”

Life is good, thanks for the people who made these images, they are well appreciated.

~ Peace

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