The drawing

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Imani Zambo sits on her couch.

She has experienced some writing blockages lately, and is wondering how to get out of the funk.

After doing some research online, she still doesn’t know what to do.

Her paper started well, the assignment is to examine the human condition before commencement and after the completion of 4 year university with mixed classes.

She is told to be creative in her essay, this was not really her strong point, as a Virgo she liked dealing in facts.

That’s not to say she was not creative, but she was more-so the type of introverted personality who would prefer playing video games and listening to music vs. sitting and writing an essay.

Hmmm what in the world should I do? She thought to herself….this really sucks dude!

Tempted by boredom and idleness..she reached out for her iPhone that was silently laying on her bed black mirror face down..

“Dang!!”…she exclaimed, she abruptly snapped back her arm to reposition herself at the desk and focus on the overriding task at hand. “I can’t just sit here looking at my phone, dad said I gotta get this done, then I can go to Kaleshia’s house!”

Fluffy looked at her, tail wagging.

He quickly examined Imani’s energy and realized she was going to stay put. Fluffy laid back down.

Fluffy the Saint Bernard, was on homework guard duty, but in reality he just wants to play with one of his family members.

“Fluffy, you lucky pun intended” laughed Imani, she tickled herself, her sense of humor was always in tact no matter the situation.

“Sigh…guess I gotta figure this out another way,” Imani said while looking at the trees dancing in the summer breeze. “You know what, maybe I am just looking at this all wrong.”

Imani decided to take Fluffy out for a walk, it was a brisk walk, but was nice for Fluffy and Imani to get out of the house. Upon returning to her room, Imani noticed plain papers and coloring pencils on her bed.

“Dadd!?” Imani yelled out, “Mommm”…nobody seemed to be home yet.

Imani thought to herself about what was on her bed, she wondered how it got there, and why…after a few moments she figured she might as well get some paper and start doodling.

Imani began to draw the sky, trees, the birds, and bees, she start drawing all sorts of things that were around her.

Before long, Imani realized she had used up lot’s of pages and over an hour had passed. “Oh my goodness, now Im definitely not going to Kaleshia’s!! Imani shouted, she was so frustrated with herself she didn’t know what to do.

Imani took a few deep breathes, she paused after each long inhale and held it in. She then exhaled slowly all the way emptying her body and belly of air, she paused again and held for a few seconds. She allowed her mind, body, and qi to regulate, and determined that she should get back on the target assignment.

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Imani realized something when she started writing, the words seemingly popped out of her brain, she was breezing through the pages, typing over 45 wpm.

Imani did not want to stop what she was doing at all, but her father had just came inside and called for her.

“Imaniiii, Imannii, where are you my dear? Aren’t you going to your friends tonight, you need to leave soon before it gets dark outside!” Her father called.

“But dad! I still have so much more to do, I’m almost finished and I feel really good about this assignment, want to take a look?” Imani replied.

Imani’s father went upstairs to view his daughter’s assignment, he was so shocked he retorted “Wow girl, this is fantistic Imani!”

Imani, shyly looked at her father and replied “Wait? What? Really?”

“Oh heck yea, Imani, you have completed the assignment and more, I can tell you thought carefully about each word for this essay, I think your teacher aka mama is going to love it!” he cheerfully said.

A huge smile spread across Imani’s face, her heart was filled with warmth and she embraced her father.

“Thanks dad,” Imani said tearfully, “I’m glad you like it…thanks for the papers and drawing idea, I guess it helped a lot!”

I wonder what in the world she is talking about, Imani’s father thought to himself..”You’re welcome dear, we are here to support each other always, yes..?”

Imani smiled, chuckling at her father’s Fresh off of the Boat African Accent, “Yes abba, yes indeed..”

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Moral of the story:

Unlocking your potential and abilities sometimes takes a change in energy flow.

When one door is closed, don’t you know that many more are open. #bigupsrobertnestamarley

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