Story: The New Student

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On the first and third Friday of every month, Janetta and Natasha spend time with their friends Diego and Montell. All of the friends attend the same school, they are in the same grade, and they all know the same people; the friends keep their circle cheerio tight.

You can usually catch the friends in pairs or duos, or as a quad, depending on the time of day and upon their schedules; however you will never see any one of the friends riding solo.

Janetta and Natasha are twin 14 year old sisters that have so many similarities you would find it impossible to tell them apart if not for their differences in hair style. Janetta likes freer flowing, soft, and natural styles such as her fully blown out afro, her long straightened hair, or a simple bun.

Natasha being from her tribes Canine Training Department changes her hair depending on the training and primary assignments she has…Natasha seemingly likes any natural warrior hairstyle that does not repeat any one prior hairstyle; save if she and her sister Janetta have a family event or are on a first date. This means that Natasha would rock long locks one day, a mohawk the next, and after that during the regrowth of her hair, sport an afro-style.

Diego and Montell, on the other hand, are so similar that the only observable difference is found in their beards. Diego being the younger brother has a short goatee and beard hair, he enjoys using a crystal shard to center his beard. Meanwhile, Montell the elder brother, has a thick silver beard, that goes so well with his licorice colored skin. People often mistake Montell as Diego’s father, but younger brother is quick to advise otherwise.

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All of the friends greatly enjoy one another’s company, they all have their own relationships individually and collectively. They nicknamed themselves the Bus Drivers, in honor of their school bus driver who is always kind with them and patient to them even though the students are such a handful. One day a new student named Parker, came to the school and many of the other students were very unkind and rude to him.

The Bus Drivers didn’t understand why their peers were harming one another; most confusing was the fact that a new student was being bullied and mistreated. The friends decided to learn more about Parker and in exchange learned things about life and about themselves. The friends learned about what it was like to defend someone who was not within their circle of friends, they also earned themselves a trusted ally who would turn any duo battle of the quad into a trio of support!

10 years later, there were many situations where having support of their new friend and their old friends came in handy. One example is a clutch time when Janetta’s baby needed diapers and Parker was one call away, as well as already being at the store. Things just seemed to work out so much more for the group and Parker’s mood always seemed to serve as a battery to what his friends needed at that time.

Diego and Montell, had long been suffering from familial issues when their parents got a divorce 5 years prior. The boys just weren’t themselves, didn’t get out as much, and started losing interest in their loved hobbies. Thanks to Parker and Natasha’s Mental Health First Aid Training, they were able to ascertain exactly what was bothering their good friends.

The men were experiencing depression, a deep and painful depression mixed with an overwhelming anxiety about what was to come. Discovering about the mental condition of the Brother Twins, helped the men to embrace their own inner mental struggles and allowed for the friends to continue to come closer together, grow together, and become even stronger.

Moral: When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed ~ Maya Angelou

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