Summer – English Audio
Gila Woodpecker’s Bird Nest

As warm as it is under the vibrant sun,

moments of laughter together create kool.

The red-headed Gila Woodpecker flies by and perches on a nearby Mesquite tree.

Devotion, loyalty, harmony, are such a gift of creation.

Building it’s domicile resolutely, woodpecker doesn’t mind spectators;

as long as the expected boundaries are not crossed.

Peace is welcomed however work must be done,

an amazing creation of our creator is this mighty creature that uses it’s nose to chip away hardwood.

It is this time, when green and various spectrums of light re-present themselves

and nature’s pollinators provide altruistic acts.

It is this time, that plans are set into motion.

This is a time of intentional hydration, consisting of hydrogen dioxide, coconut oil skin protection, and electrolytes.

Old wounds are healed as the call of Venus echoes through humanities design

through the darkness of mental imaginings.

Mercury has returned to it’s original rotation,

the flowing of communication has begun smoothening out.

Peace ~

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