Poem – Observation

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

Oceanic sounds of cars

Some parked on the side with the doors ajar.

It’s hot in the summer sun

a setting for evening fun.

Where to go and play today?

We make sure the youngins state their say..

Input from children paves the way,

for future leaders come what may.

You and I are the we,

And we’re all that we got and need.

Put aside the street politics and greed,

As Yahushua said, “walk with me.”.

Our mentality was handcrafted by

those who were not the chosen fruit.

Lie, cheat, and steal is all they do,

which is why in their ways we don’t pursue.

Words commanded with elders scrolls,

stones in the walls engraved and all.

Ancient history pre-mankind dates,

before we used dates to measure time.

Let it marinate,

relax your mind,

The future awaits us a day at a time.

“Imma live about mine,”

DJ check the fax and rhyme.

When you live about yourz and you,

hip-hop is more than something that you do.

In this know thyself era, we pushin for internal knowledge

While frienemies buzy being bossy beings,

and collecting money from college.

History repeats itself unless something is solved,

planets continue to revolve, aligning us to evolve.

Our influence rotates with the All,

the source of origin for all things large or small.

Out here, nowadayz humanity lives within,

Let’s embrace the without.

Don’t start locking kids in school,

Please ensure that they can get out.

Connection is a needed skillset for this new generation.

Physically or mentally, more esteemed than virtually.

We meeting spiritually, cleaning our hearts of impurities,

the journey has it’s challenges meaning that it can be challenging;

This is all good, we not alone, humanity.

Together we shall rise, by lifting up our queen majesties.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

~ Peace

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