Anecdote – Hope

Hope is for the weak?

Hope is for the OutKast?

Hope is for those who have nothing else to lose?

Why then do we ask ourselves those silly questions? And why do allow ourselves to think that:

When thinking about hope and trust,

I am also hoping that my good deeds will outweigh my naughties ={

Hope that things can change in this world of ours. Hope for the better, hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Trust in myself, trusting in the knowingness that who I am truly is enough, and trusting the universes process and laws.

I trust and hope that storytelling can change the narrative surrounding mental health and self-image for youth, most particularly black youth.

The reason why I am so passionate about youth empowerment today, is founded in hope and trust.

I treated hope like it wasn’t organic, what kind of person have I become?

I strayed from hope and cast her aside, I thought of her as a weak power, that which was given to my ancestors from their crooked kidnappers.

At one point in time I disowned hope, I allowed outside influences to drive her grace and peace away from me.

What do you hope for?

As a young man I hope for forgiveness. I hope for courage and I hope for divine guidance. I hope for all of the hungry to feel the nourishment that I receive when I eat in America. I hope for more gratitude because I am abundantly wealthy and cheerful.

As a sinning man, he hoped for forgiveness, and now he has best friends.

As a caterpillar, Butterfly hoped that he would fly, and now he has wings.

What do you hope for?

Can you relate?

I hope that I will grow, expand, and find my authentic way throughout the universe.

My life is like a vibrant ray full of hope.

(now read from the bottom line up) =)

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~ Peace

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