In 5 years – Affirmation

Thursdays bring the best breakfast

Tonight will be a good night, within the dark stillness and silence there is Peace.

I started this affirmation/poem/manifest on a Thursday and on Thursday have returned to it, let’s go! Normally Thursday is for throwbacks but here’s a special one for me.


Within 5 years my wife and I will honeymoon

before meeting my wife I will be whole and healed

within throughout and beyond 5 years our progressing abundance will multiply

we are thriving, we have nature, land, resources, family, love, faith, hope, and memories

we walk barefoot, we hold hands, we laugh we smile we cry tears of joy and gratitude.

Within throughout and beyond 5 years I will read nightly to my offspring

tales & stories of wisdom, kindness, wonder, and nobility, written by women and men of good energy and high vibration.

Within throughout and beyond 5 years I will have maintained and made progress in my most meaningful and fulfilling relationships

my family is healthy and prosperous our friends are safe loyal and loving they love the creator and are builders, innovators, motivators, dreamers, the light of the most high.

I trust in the universe to love me unconditionally as I express unconditional love this is visible from my heart, thoughts, habits, and my actions

Within throughout and beyond 5 years my relationship with the creator will have grown closer

I surrender to the splendor of creation and allow my mind body and soul to be at peace, I give glory to my creator.

Within throughout and beyond 5 years my heart will be lighter than a feather inner peace is my inheritance, honesty honor and virtue are my gifts.


#IDream #ICultivate #ICreate

#Empowering the youth through honest personal reflection and storytelling.

~ Peace

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