Why should I quit my job?

Background and Introduction

Today I quite a job, and it feels great, and this time for once in my life I did not quite the job in some dramatic fashion or by just not showing up.

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Today I quit a job that I have only been doing for 2 days, I have been working for only a few days as an elderly patient driver. When I say a few, I again repeat, only and literally 2 days.

Today I quit my job, the people who own this company I know personally, I have met them and they are decent human beings, so it is and was a bit awkward for me to quit so abruptly.

Before I accepted and began this job (the one that I quit recently) as a community service driver for the elderly, I had driven previously with the Lyft company. Though this was years ago, I enjoyed this experience a lot. I felt like my own boss, it was great, there were many pros in terms of how I felt mentally; I was excited to drive, disappointed to not pick up clients, and wanted to keep the show going. However while driving the elderly, this was not the same feeling that I had at all, by 1000%. I thought it would be a piece of pecan pie but it turned out to be a large fat chunk of humbling cake. This position was definitely a kick to my royal arse. Specifically having to accept and to know that, I have certain talents, capabilities, and competencies, which currently elderly care in this manner is not one of.

Since I mentioned it let’s talk more about the background:

The Gig

Transport elderly from an adult day care, to their homes throughout Tampa Bay area, in a safe and timely manner. There are two shifts, essentially 2 shifts within 1 shift, 3:15 take 2 people home and return back to the adult day care before 5:00pm which is the time that they close. (maybe shift isn’t the best way to call this, so how about two trips!) We drive the company van, which is in decent enough condition, when we arrive to the destination we should call one of the phone numbers of the legal guardians for access and for the safe transfer of our precious merchandise which is of course, is our clients these lovely and wonderful elders, and from this background we can begin our Monday. (I mean it as well they (the elders) are very lovely, maybe this job isn’t for me but these people deserve the best treatment from professionals, really, if you have no skills or knowledge about this seriously have a mentor that’s just my twenty-eight cents about this matter)

Monday – On Monday I ran into a client that was a huge hard time for me, there were actually two difficult situations on Monday!

I was being trained and I had Destiny’s partner with me, and (let’s say the name is Faith) Faith said to me, “the main important aspect of this job is to be safe, safety is the key, don’t allow anyone to rush you or tell you what to do, you are the operator of the vehicle and it is your show” ~ Faith

Situation 1 – The elder woman who was partially paralyzed, and I believe is safe to say has dementia, was afraid or making sounds as if she was being hurt or was afraid of me. The trainer was trying to allow me to do it all, because if I can do it during training then I can just do the job (in my own words and understanding of the situation, however quite frankly I would have preferred more throughout training that was a pain for me as well, that I didn’t express but should have.) So basically I tried to help lift this women into the car, the person who works at the adult day care had to help me because I had no idea how to do this. She also needed to tell me how to speak with the clients, “you should be confident, calm, and re-assuring, tell them that it is ok, they will often repeat you” this was great advice for me, and yet it was a lot to deal with for me at the same time.

So after we struggled to get her into her the van, oh by the way I needed to lift her a bit, which hurt my back because I lifted her incorrectly, and I was warned not to touch her right leg because she has a catheter on it. (talk about calm and peaceful, this was the 1st day, 2nd trip mind you)

After loading her in, me and Faith needed to figure out how to get four men into the vehicle, one of the men, didn’t want to move to the back and he didn’t understand our directions of moving to the back of the vehicle, another of the clients commented that the van was too small, we are packed like sardines or tuna haha..I forget which one he said, he is a cool guy. Nevertheless after about 20 to 30 minutes trying to get all of these lovely people into the car, we were ready to move forward.

Situation 2 – The same gentleman who was giving us a hard time to sit in the back seat, is the same gentleman who stated he needed to go to the bathroom no matter what, he could not hold it…We got him out at the nearest McDonalds he and another client, the other client went to the bathroom (he really needed to pee) meanwhile the original requester was standing in the line at McDonalds, telling me not to pull on his hand “he hates it when they do that to his wife” so again (i’m stressed the fuck out, and I am alone inside McDonald’s with these two men) so my trainer Faith, came in and helped to see what was going on and we took the troublemaker and the peaceful citizen back to the van together promptly. (I left out a few details to save my fingers, I have to do an online class later, and I usually type on there as well, two classes actually, and I am a bit hungry, so please forgive me!)

Tuesday – Tuesday (yesterday) I ran into a brief moment that was stressful for me, but this was a much better day, actually naw Tuesday was stressful as fuck to because I was all alone.

The 1 major situation was at the beginning of the shift when a nice lady told me she didn’t remember how to get into the car and she asked me to touch her butt, which I did not do!!! I refused to do this, but she was asking for a nudge, so I had to nudge her upper back! I promise this is the truth! and eventually she found her way to the seat. (long story small day 2 was a little rough also because, well I should write about that two.)

So there was another major situation on day 2! Holy shit ahahha major to me, maybe minor to another. Situation 2 – The phone number was not working so we had no access to the gate! Then once we got through the gate by following another car inside, we had another issue. The lovely client lived in an apartment that faces the lake. I have one other woman in the car, that means I have two clients, 1 who lives by the lake and uses a walker, the other who is supposed to wait for me to take the first client home with her walker (escort her safely) and then return to the car (we should not leave residents in the car, if I would have known that the phone didn’t work, I wouldn’t have taken her home first). Man this day was a lot to handle haha.

So I took the resident home, after asking and calling Faith about this, and asking the resident where her key was (also I can’t forget to mention that I didn’t believe the resident that she lived alone, I thought she just forgot, but in fact she had the key and was in very sound mind!! man I was out of place and trippin but damn, can you blame me?! maybe yea…=D ) Any-who, I got these two women home safely, that was trip 1. Trip 2 was way better.

Wednesday – From about 9am – 1130 am, I was debating about whether I should do this job or not, whether it was for me or not, I knew the answer already, but I was trying to talk myself into it (guilty as charged). I had just spoken to my family member about why they should do what was uncomfortable and make a phone call that they didn’t want to make vs. texting the individual or sending an email. And here I was moments later, doing the exact same thing, preparing the long text message to decide whether I should text or make a phone call (will discuss this ironic moment more later) ~ Irony

My feelings:

I felt as if the universe is pushing me, pushing me or pulling me away from this position, it was entirely much to stressful for me and was not peaceful for me at all.

I felt as if this job was not for me, doing this job was not positive in the short-run, I was inexperienced, nervous, and worried.

I felt that I should be doing something else.

I also felt that quitting would put a strain on our relationship, I don’t want to burn bridges (I have done this all too often), but thankfully I don’t think that I have and I certainly do not plan on it.


The Juice of It ~ The Quitting

These are the feelings that I had when I decide to quit this job, and the response was not as bad as I feared. To be honest I have always had this assumption this unreasonable fear of letting others down, when truly I should be more concerned with not letting myself down firstly.

“Don’t humble yourself to the point of not being who you are” – Moonshine

“There is no progress without struggle” – Sir Frederick Douglass

This is another quote that I think is very valuable and is one of the reasons I thought that I should try and force myself to stay, however with a change of my perception I realize even the struggles of calling the owner on the phone to speak to her, actually let me add this to the blog now:

The situation: So when I first called Destiny, I was very apprehensive, nervous, and was debating if I should call or text, I even planned a text that I sent to my sister (well I typed it up in a message that was under my sisters name, and I was going to copy and paste this to send to the owner.) The reason for me doing this was because I wanted to not make a mistake of accidentally sending the text message to the owner (from this point let’s call the owner Destiny). So, in order to not make a mistake and send the message to Destiny to soon, I posted and typed the message under my sisters name within my phones text message application. This is how much I had been thinking about this, prior to this last night Destiny, called me and asked kindly and calmly “How did you feel about the job, how are you feeling!” Boy what a stressful question for me, I just finished the shift for the day, I was stressed as fuck, and man let me tell you I was so happy to drop off the last client.

But of course I didn’t say this, I chose to be the hero and say “You know, I think the job would be easy if I prepare properly, if I pre-save the addresses and phone numbers of the clients, if I were to adjust myself in this way it could be easier, and also I should look online for some techniques or dealing with dementia patients” (as if just some searches online is all that I need to handle an entire human being who is not only my elder but who may weigh a lot more than 20-50 lbs).

I said that I was growing (which is true) I said specifically “I can see how I am growing, I can feel my growth from this” in reality the growth was knowing that this shit wasn’t for me haha, I am not cut out for this position. Driving for Lyft is one thing, but transporting a car full of dementia clients, not to say they are dementia clients per say, pardon my labeling but as I freely am typing right now, these elder people, whom have family members and friends, who love and care for them, I just want to be on point for them. This isn’t the kind of thing that I should wing, I feel this way strongly and definitely this is why I had to get out of this position asap. Tomorrow may be my last day, because the owner will need to find a replacement understandably.

Signs to quit a job:

There are many websites and sources that will tell you, the signs of why it’s time to quit a job, so I won’t be too lengthy here, I’ll just share a few reasons.

  1. You don’t feel happy
  2. You don’t feel respected
  3. You are constantly stressed
  4. You are anxious to start work and so relieved to leave work (sometimes anxiety before something can be great, it just means you need to be brave and take a chance, however how often do we experience in jobs such as: working at home depot, a fast food restaurant, or etc. some jobs that we feel are easy, shouldn’t have this level of anxiety in my opinion).
  5. You constantly think about what else you could be doing or you just think man is this something that I want to do?
  6. You hear yourself telling others, your friends, your family members, that you don’t like the job (usually you are looking for acceptance and someone else to endorse your idea, but you already know what is good for you).
  7. Sometimes you just have that feeling, that something isn’t for you. (not lengthy huh…I keep going like a run-on sentence, a chatterbox like the energizer bunny, not funny? welll your sense of humor sucks then =D )
  8. If you experienced what I experienced from the perspective that I had, ahha definitely

To Conclude

I strongly support and am grateful for the wisdom that our universe is intelligent, our creator indeed loves us unconditionally and every action/reaction, thought, and decision is choice that we decide upon, and if it feels as if we did not act upon it by our own will, then maybe we should revisit the question internally of what besides our own will can control us? What do you allow to take hold in your life, do you value your own values? (hehe do you value your own values, sounds interesting is that an oxymoron, or naw?) Do you support your own morals and moral compass?

I will share the link of a song that I like, I think it is a video as well, entitled “Fuck this shit I’m out”


Everything was all good, everything happens for a reason!

One thing I am happy about and that I will one day be able to laugh at myself is that like my mom I stress about such little things, such as calling a company to tell them that I think a job isn’t suitable for me. Between traveling around the world, and calling someone on the phone to say (after only working for them for two days) that something isn’t suitable and to be that anxious about it is not rational or logical indeed, haha I am human after all, a sentient being, much love to all.

Live, Love, Laugh, and don’t forget to breathe deeply sometimes =D

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