For you – Poem of Tha Day

On a rainy afternoon, when the birds seek shelter.

Dark clouds fill the sky.

Two, three, four flashes of lightning strike.

Heavens thunderous canons boom.

Turn down the lights, unplug from  electrical outlets.

Family comes together to witness the phenomenon.

How mighty is the sky?

To be so large and so graceful mother sky sure can get it crackin.

Nevermind the sky she’s saying to me with her eyes.

For she is more graceful than anything nature has displayed.

She loves the sky as much as any and I know this about her.

She’s the sort of being whom loves strong, with warmth, and without fear.

I move closer to her, nervous as I always am around her.

Never afraid but so concerned, she’s the everything that I’ve ever wanted.

Nervous because she’s the everything that I ever needed, she is a creator created by the ALLmighty creator.

Am I foolish to think her design was just for me?

Adam messed up (period).

Mankind comes from the Afrikan woman.

More stories should be told of the glory of the Afrikan women.

We both agree while reading, “African Woman the Original Guardian Angel” by Dr. Barashango.

The time is getting late, she must go back home.

Her mother father and grandparents would worry if she stayed passed 7pm..

I know how much she loves her family, she is so responsible.

As much as I am a rebel, I would not interfere with her plans or schedule.

“I think it’s time for you to go home love,” I reluctantly say to her.

She smiles, she knows that I’ll miss her.

“Ok my love, thank you for covering me,” she says in her sweet accent.

I stand up and reach my hand out towards hers.

I lift her up and pull her close to me.

I place my forehead on hers, hers is on mine, we give thanks to the most high for this moment.

We get home before sunset, her family is waiting as expected, happy to see her and still intrigued by me.

We both laugh in the car before we separate, she knows that I would do anything.

She gets out of the car, her family speaks to her gesturing towards me.

I wonder what’s happening, did I drive over the sprinkler again?! Please tell me I didn’t.

She motions for me to come.

I take a deep breath and get out of the car.

I’ve only seen her family while I’m tending to the land.

Her tall, serious, and strong father booms with his powerful voice.

“Welcome young man, it’s a rainy day and you brought my daughter home on time like you always do,” He says. He pauses for a moment.

“We would like to welcome you inside to have a meal with us,” her mother continues.

I am terrified, I’m excited, nervous, and happy.

I look to my lover, she smiles knowingly.

There are no needs for words, what is understood doesn’t need to be said.

I smile and nod my acceptance of the invitation.

I hold her hand, and look deeply into her eyes.

The family has seen these eyes before and their meaning is so simplistic yet fulfilling.

Whenever you need anything from anyone, just know that I’m willing to do…

Anything for you.

~ Peace

3 thoughts on “For you – Poem of Tha Day

  1. Wow wow wow 👏😍 What a great piece. As it seems to me, you can even write a whole novel using a poetry format. This makes it easier to read. Keep writing and keep spreading the word. Imma follow you straight away for future releases.


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