Story – 11th Date

It’s been a while since we’ve been together, I’m so thankful for this time.

You and I traveled to New York where the Northeastern Griots taught us how to rhyme.

We spend a day in night in Morocco, the Sahara desert was so nice.

We went once we went twice and then we had some delicious Morocaine rice.

Actually it was couscous, how was I supposed to know?

Guess it comes with learning culture, we dream cultivate create and grow.

New cultures and environments, new worlds to explore.

We spend time at the library, reading the children of blood and bones. Oh Orisha, your history more of it we implore.

After the library, we hit the beach, time to soak in the sun.

June when school lets out is the best for some summer fun.

Last Wednesday, we met with Queen Afua, who helped us learn about love.

Self love, masculine and feminine, divine, that kind of love from above.

How many dates have we been on, how much time spent together?

For us working on and building this relationship is worth the forever.

We visited Mardi Gras, we also swam with white whale sharks.

There was that movie we watched with the Brown actors, remember..? We both yell smiling Noah’s Ark.

Our first date was at the garden, I remember you eating the raw basil.

We harvested tomatoes and we helped prepare the community dining table.

Our love was decided from heavenly ones before us, our ancestors made sacrifices and tough choices.

These choices we call blessings now, oh so blessed we all are. Today’s date is spoken word at the Apollo, come on my love let’s lift up our voices!

~ Peace

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