Greetings to all, welcome back to my weekly posting…This week marked the beginning of a new semester at my Kindergarten, and boy oh boy, what a start it has been.

Children are fresh from grandma/grandpa, uncles, aunties houses and being able to do whatever they so please…A child at age 4 should not have free reign to behave however they choose and yet, this is often the case in China.

One of the main and easily detectable issues with this is that children are provided with a temporary sense of egoism, in which they believe everything is theirs and that sharing starts with others and not with themselves.

As a teacher this will cause issues of course, because it enables students to behave in manners not classroom suitable, behaviors such as, but not limited to: climbing table tops, biting teachers, walking away from their peer group, fighting peers over small matters, etc.

These behaviors and tendencies need to be checked, and as a teacher I hope that you are the one for the job!

Some useful techniques that I instill are: Butterfly point and reward/punishment system, Praise, Classroom rules, basically my goal is to make sure students are re-aquainted to being in an area where they are told no and where the teacher will not allow them (the student(s)) to do whatever they want.

As an educator, teacher, professor, etcetera you must ensure the safety of your children, role model and give respect, and of course love what it is that you do, teachers are guides and guardians of education.

Do your best teachers ~ L.L.L.

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