Interception – Prose Poem

Some people are not willing to admit their mistakes.

And I am one of them.

Years could go by, and a simple apology could’ve repaired things. Yet…people are left in limbo!

It’s as if a mistake would ruin their persona or image.

The ego is a heck of a phenomenon.

Others, find difficulty when they have a hard time.

The difficulty is that they don’t want to ask for help.

It’s understandable that we don’t want to ask others for help, we have all been damaged by a toxic society that has misled all of us.

We have been betrayed, lied to, cheated, and abused.

In this life we have a hard time based on our decision and choices.

And yet…

It’s not that anyone is to be blamed.

As a human being and as an adult we should learn to be accountable for our emotions, thoughts, and deeds.

Maybe it is easier said then done.

What fun is there when you want to play but you need to work?

Honestly as an adult, we must handle work and save time for play.

During 2021, I challenge everyone who reads this post to acknowledge some things that they do.

What do you do to make situation’s better?

Is it helping to achieve the results you want?

What do you do to make a situation worse?

Is it helping to achieve the results you want?

Procrastination is a learned illness. Unfortunately many of us have been taught to hold things of til tomorrow.

Personally, I put things off all the time and guess what…

Something happens that was easily avoidable.

Let’s try to be proactive and get things done as soon as we think about them.

We got this!

As beings on this planet, we are more than capable of winning this 4th Dimensionsal war.

We are more than capable of winning this battle.

When we make mistakes let’s own them.

Own up about your shortcomings and allow yourself the gentleness to forgive your mistakes.

No one in life is perfect, but this creation is perfect.

For everyone who battles with depression, trust issues, and fear.

Try to walk on the other side of it.

Allow yourself the grace to see the other side to every issue, be as objective as possible whereas all of us are trying to figure out this humanity thing.

I’m an earthling trying to get his stuff together, any positive progress and aide is appreciated.

Everything I wrote in here applies to me first and if it may apply to you, I pray that we both find peace and positivity.

Apologize to yourself, forgive yourself, love yourself, and do good unto others.

~ Peace

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