China: Year #2 almost ~

Strawberry Girl, age 3, protesting clean up time December 2018 ~  L.L.L

Life in China, so much that could be said, but for starters I should start with a simple greeting/lesson.

In China, the main language is Mandarin, and a common greeting amongst a foreigner to a local would be a simple, Ni Hao (pronouced: Knee Howw). The observant eye would notice that I stated the common greeting from a foreigner (non-local mainland Chinese person) to a local, whereas a local to another local may generally skip greetings altogether, and get on with the conversation/matter at hand. This is one example of culture shock that one might experience upon traveling to the Middle Kingdom* .  

As the title of this post suggest; This is almost my second year living here in the Middle Kingdom, and man time definitely does fly by. The beginning of my journey started in another province of China now known as Zhejiang (pronounced Jer-jawng), in the city of Jinhua. (will upload some photos soon!) With China being such a heavily populated nation, a place like Jinhua (pronounced Gene-hua) with over one million citizens*, is considered a small city, also known as a 3rd tier city. 

In comparison to the 1st and 2nd tier cities Jinhua, certainly is smaller, however from a Western standpoint, it is safe to say that a small town in China, may not be as small as you might think.

Jinhua is a city, I will discuss further in another post, my blogging fingers and the rest of my body are ready to rest after a long day of work, play, study, and exercise.

I will end my post here for the night, I look forward to whatever the future has in store. ✌

A special Jinhua School for non-local children, the students got to enjoy one of their first foreign experiences,  and it was a basketball game, with two foreigners (J and J), one of the principals, and some of the other teachers. March or April 2017 ~ L.L.L 


Originally posted December 17th, 2018