Photo by Lars Mai on Pexels.com

Mama God,

I come to you with praise for her.

Her everything is regal.

Her understanding of me.

She doesn’t cater to my wants and needs, but she tells me the truth.

She caters to my soul, that of which is more precious than gold.

She will know my heart and soul, she will be lovely.

Each and everyday I will do all that I can to honor and cherish her..

To protect her And respect her is my souls desire.

My mistakes from my past may they be left behind.

Things from the past resurface unless they are addressed.

Look at America and the world we live in?

I ask you Mama God. Show me favor, me and mine.

May loved ones be healthy, may harmony reign supreme and our love for creation expand.

My future queen, my everything, the mother of my children.

May I be attentive to you, may you love nature as we, may you become a part of our tribe. Loving, learning, dreaming, cultivating, and creating.

May I push to have my words mean more.

Our voice is our tool.

I would use my voice to tell you how I love you.

I would use my voice to apologize when I make mistakes, to sing to you whenever you seem down..

My soul yearns for you my queen, only one queen or two, if it’s right then it is. If not then it’s ok.

As a leo I do require lots of mane stroking, but the virgo in me also wants space to reflect and be critical.

When Mars aligns I fire inside, my emotional intelligence is increasing.

My queen I am learning to use my emotions in a productive and positive way. Though I still label certain emotions as negative vs. positive.

This is my inner perfectionist. You’ll see it on the outside.

I’m a perfectionist to a point and then I am not. If I don’t finish what I start at a certain time frame then my vanity is apparent

For me, I will rise up

For you, I have risen

For creator, we ascend daily.


Photo by Clive Kim on Pexels.com

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