Law of attraction: What is opposite

*Everything presented here is based on my opinions thoughts and perspective. It is influenced by others whom will not be named on this post. If it resonated with you great, if it doesn’t, that’s fine as well! Thanks for stopping by to experience this.*

In mathematics, an integer is a whole number.

1 being is an entire being, made up of many parts. Or the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

1 is not simply 1, 1 is .01+.99, or .10*10, or .5+.5 = many parts make up the whole.

So with this logic…

What is the opposite of left?

If 1’s opposite is -1, because an opposite must be in accordance to certain mathematical principles: The opposite of a number is its additive inverse. The sum of a number and its opposite is zero.

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Let’s visit upon universal law, shall we?

Law of correspondence and the law of polarity.

Law of correspondence says: as above so below

Law of polarity says: there are two sides to everything

With this being written, does it go in line that, a true opposite must be not only the opposite of something but also on the other side equally different than that thing it is opposing?

Ok clarity:

If you were to look left, conventional knowledge would say the opposite or antonym to left is right…


Or wrong?

Because, to look left and look right you are operating on the same line, there is no zero distance equally opposite. Remember 1 is a positive integer and -1 is a negative integer.

The sum that creates positive 1, is operating completely to create -1, however -1 is also equally opposing 1.

To approach -1 from 1 you must cross the 0 line. Also 1+-1 = 0

Does left + right = left right?

So if LOOKING LEFT is LOOKING LEFT, then wouldn’t an opposite if not THE opposite for the looking LEFT, be GOING East?

Because you can without eyes (ie; blindness) GO EAST without looking (opposing left) and you can look left while going EAST. However!! You cannot LOOK LEFT while going EAST and be left, you would eventually be heading RIGHT.

Tell me does that make any sense to you? 😂

Let’s look at another example, hot and cold.

Common knowledge tells us that the opposite of HOT would be COLD.

When considering the weather, a question that I have entertained is “How cold is cold?” To someone from the Northeastern United States (ie, New York and Chicago), cold is the winter season, the snow, and the wind breeze. In the SouthEastern United States (ie, Florida and Georgia), cold would also be if it were to snow or if there was a chilly wind breeze. When I tried to tell people who live in those colder climates that they can’t be cold, because they are used to it, I was corrected. “Cold is cold” is the conventional wisdom and it all depends on who is involved. Similarly, hot must be hot, as this is a subjective theme.

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BUT, there are various extremes when it comes to hot and cold, and many factors to determine. How cold is cold and how hot is hot? This I hypothesis may not be the simplest to test. When considering a cup of coffee or tea, a hot cup of either may be too hot, so you need to blow on the liquid. That same cup of liquid after an hour or so, could be too cold to drink for some, yet this is the same cup of liquid.

With this being said, hot and cold, operate on the same if not a similar spectrum. How can hot be the true opposite of cold, when hot and cold are so subjective. The Sahara Desert gets really hot during the day, but at night it is cold. Antartica on the other hand is cold possibly all year round. What’s the difference between the Sahara and Antartica? Well, great question!

Antartica is a place frozen in time, whereas there is so much ice (frozen water). Meanwhile, the Sahara is a place that seems to have eroded throughout time, with sand stretching for miles and little vegetation noticeably present. The Sahara air is dry due to this lack of vegetation, there are no clouds in the Sahara sky (or at least there were none when I was there). The opposite of hot, according to the logic that we are following in today’s reading is freezing.

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Something can be hot, very hot, warm feeling more hot but the true opposite of hot must be freezing. Freezing is not so subjective as hot, whereas a frozen particle has completely transformed vs. a cold one (frozen drink vs. cold one).

In Antarctica, the frozen icebergs can mostly (if not completely) be melted down with an equal amount of hot water, and hot water can be frozen in given time. But cold water cannot make an equal amount or mixture of hot water cold, can it? Can hot coffee added to an equal amount of cold coffee make the coffee hot? No I don’t think so, I think that cold coffee and equal hot coffee mixed together would make WARM coffee if not COOL coffee.

Therefore according to this logic, the proper opposite of something that is hot must be something that is freezing (equal distance from neutral point, opposing sides/forces). Fire and Ice are opposites (different element, opposing temperature, equally away from 0) hot and cold are not (same side – temperature, equally away from 0).

Is the proper opposite of dirty pure? (dirty being subjective, pure being absolute, both not equally distant from 0; hence a little bit dirty vs. totally pure)

What are your thoughts?

Any more examples that come to mind!?

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More peace more power more life 🤲🏿

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