Queen Nanny

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 3

What’s up everyone!?

I trust all has been going well for you, recently I read up on Queen Nanny and what she did for our people. Our true stories as Indigenous Beings of the Divine Mother Earth or Heart (who is known by many names) are so inspiring.

Queen Nanny was a warrior, an aboriginal wonder woman from what is known as the Asante tribe. She was a leader of the Jamaican Maroon Wars (The Maroons being well regarded as a warrior class amongst their people). I give thanks to Queen Adira’s page for the information she provided about Queen Nanny.

Because people and sources much more knowledgeable than myself have covered this topic, I am simply posting here to honor her glory and what she stood for.

She wanted all of the enslaved people to be free, she was going for something in it’s totality and would not settle for “good enough”. She to me, is one great example of what it means when Thomas Paine wrote to “whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue your principles until death.” Another great quote I would like to reference in regards to Queen Nanny is , “without struggle there is no progress” Sir Frederick Douglass.

The heroine Queen Nanny, military strategist, mystic woman, and more on the $500 Jamaican Bill.

Many thanks be raised up to our ancestresses/ancestors and TMH.

Other websites that speak about the glory of Queen Nanny:

1. Queen Nanny Maroons – Black past

2. Nanny The Movie

3. Queen Nanny Blog – Black Liberation Love N Unity

Thanks for visiting the website, have a good one!

Hotep Ankh Udja Seneb – Selah

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