MacBook Issues

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 4

Looks like I cracked my MacBook pro.

This was not the best moment. While using my computer, I saw the need to adjust the screen. My fingers were touching the bottom right corner of the mac screen and guess what happened:

Maybe I should have a case lol, like a strong frame to protect my mac, so much is done on this great piece of machinery; it’s a tool that I use to dream, cultivate, and create.

When you have it something sometimes you don’t appreciate it enough, note to self.

Has anyone else had computer issues in the last few days? How did you feel, what did you do about it?

Please share your thoughts humans and have a great one!

Hotep Ankh Udja Seneb – Selah

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

5 thoughts on “MacBook Issues

  1. Had a problem with my Samsung galaxy note 8 a few days ago and felt as if I’d be loosing a crucial part of me. The damn phone fell on stones during a hike and had a bad crack, so i had to take it to the nearest Samsung shop for screen repair. Wonder how these tools get so attached to us. I agree with the feeling you got.


    1. It’s a great question, this apparent connection that we are having with technology. I share that feeling, sometimes I fall asleep with my laptop (which is terrible health wise) lol. Learning each day!

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