New Years Resolutions

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 7

Praises and Thanks be to TMH for this glorious day.

2022 New Years Resolutions it’s that time of the year! Another start of a new year (Gregorian calendar), isn’t that exciting?

Happy 2022, Happy Chinese Year of the Tiger will begin on February 1st, which is also the time that America Celebrates so-called Black History (even though you and I both know indigenous trustory is celebrated every-day every+hour every-minute every-second).

Meanwhile, this mighty land of my ancestresses/ancestors known as Ethiopia, has their calendars marked as 2014. Is not the Earth such an interesting place to be?

What are your resolutions?

Are you in to that sort of thing?

Me, I’ve been off and on the resolution bandwagon, and yet, I’ve realized more and more how powerful a resolution can be! If anything else, it’s an excuse to say, I’ve been______since this year started! (OR) At the beginning of this year, I started doing _______ and I have been keeping track monthly.

Frankly, I can appreciate an opportunity to set up challenges for myself and a part of my blogging challenge was to be pre-prepared before and for New Years. I wanted to start my resolutions early; within my own realm of control and self-development I created a means of being mentally of the game (even though the same 30 day effort is being applied).

Technically I’m on day 7 already (as of this message) and this is the first day of the new year, smoove move right!

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Anyhow I am going to share some resolutions of my own, what are some of yours?

Short Term Goal(s)Action Steps/PlanLong Term
30 day blogging challengeImprove writing skills, develope consistency (read+write)Become internationally published writer and best seller
Do well at current positionOrganization, call mastery, practice and asking questionsUpward company movement
200 push ups per week
200 jmping jcks per week
Set weekly exercise and bedtime goalsPhysically Fitness

I look forward to hearing about some of your short term or long term goals!

Thanks for your time and for experiencing!

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Hotep Ankh Udja Seneb – Selah

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3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Wow, you’re on day Seven, i think that’s marvelous planning! As for me, poor planning is what I’m even dealing with right now before I start to plan, let alone writing resolutions. Last year I wrote down resolutions, but it seems the devil saw and stole them away while i hatched other things, haha. 😂So I’m not going to write them down and allow him to filch them away again, m’hhh. I’m a bit curious about your country having 2014 on their calendar. Is that true or just a craftsmanship adjustment? Quite a wondrous thing.

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    1. Many thanks brother Lamitan, I am honored by your presence.

      Man I’m telling you! Setting resolutions in my opinion kind of makes it seem like there’s a challenge. Sometimes I feel like when I am resolved to do something positive for myself, challenges will come, so I have to embrace and be ready for these challenges, pass them, succeed and keep doing it! Day 7 is here, I have much more to go but it’s possible!

      In Ethiopia from my understanding they have a calendar that is estimated 7 years different than the commonly used Gregorian calendar. It’s based on 28 days. I also think that Chinese calendar is based on the moon cycles. Isn’t life so interesting?!


      1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s indubitably true that setting reaolutions and plans and all that set of amazing things poses a strict challenge to the doer but leads to hard work and focus at the same time. If the results are this impressive, then it’s worth the take.

        On Ethiopia’s calendar,
        It’s quite an interesting mystery to me; i mean, seven-year difference! Ain’t that appallingly remarkable! Haha. But it’s the evolving world anyway, and there can’t be any way less to appreciate such a difference.


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