Black n Flo norte – Story (Explicit language)

Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 8 (pre-written story, posting it for Day 8, not posted online before!)

Please be advised this story has some explicit language, parental advisory

Main Characters:

Freeman Family: Antoine (Twan) 15, Boss 12, Lamont 17

Brown Family: Ace 13 and Boogie 17

Black Family: D’Quan (Quan) 15, Maya 15.

Montgomery Family: J Jiggity 15

Johnson Family: Lord Johnson 18, B.P. (Bullet Proof) 14

Minor Characters:

Freeman Family: Diego 18, M-16 16, and Poison 15, Baba Freeman 43

Black Family: Knightnite 13, Papa Black Triple OG 25, who is like a dad to all of the gang member’s, Granddaddy Black Elder 65 Papa Black’s granddad.

Montgomery Family: 16 Drip, Tazz 13

Johnson Family:Terrence 16, Chasity 15, Smoke 14

Dark Side Demon’s Per Family

The Johnson Family (5), The Montgomery Triplets (3), Ace & Boogie (2), The Blacks (4), and The Freemen (6);

Chapter 1 – Revelations

All you could hear was the stomping of their feet as they ran, ran, ran, as fast as they could, across the train tracks, and into the woods.

“Don’t stop yet man!” yells Quan, gasping for air, while holding his arms high above his head…

“What’s the new move?” Antoine asks hurriedly. Leaning over, hands on his knees, panting quickly, before inhaling deeply into his stomach as much as possible. Antoine steadied his breath, he had been practicing meditation for the last seven years and always reminded himself of his 4 step breathing technique to avoid unduly anxiety and stress.

“Man, shit I don’t know, we heavy in this thang now,” shrugs Quan wiping off the sweat from his forehead with what was left of his shirt. He was panting, grasping for air, and smiling.

“This is the last time, and I repeat! The last time…I’m gonna be riding with yo ass bro, this kinda shit always happens!”  Antoine remarks, while shaking his head. Looking up at the sky, he raises hands and he says to himself inside and out-loud towards Quan, “Man fuckk, fuck, fuckk!!”.

It was around 9pm, on a Wednesday night, the two teenagers were walking through the woods at this point, and chatting about the interaction they just had. The wind howled as plastic bags, hay, and debris flew westwards near the street. Bullet sounds in the distance ensured that no animals were outside.

These two young men, lived on the outskirts of Gadsden County. They lived in a small community, within the area known as “The Sticks”, a place where there was no hospital1, no whole foods market, and no means of getting out of survival mode.

The two walked up Fourth Avenue, looking for a way to hide out for the night. Antoine Freeman and Quan Black were members of the squad called the Dark Side Demons or DSD, these adolescent Afrakan males had a lot to prove but no where it seemed that they could prove it. Antoine decidedly took a seat on the curb, positioned himself as if sitting like a Pharaoh and closed his eyes; while Quan continued to think out-loud about ideas as they came up.

“I got an idea!” Quan beams while looking at the Ol’ Coca Co=la sign, showing the wealthy investment history of Quincy a side of which the boys families had not ever known.

Quan taps Antoine on the shoulder and says, “Eyy Twan! Remember that one house on the corner in Gretna?’ he eagerly continues ‘that real old school Colonial looking joint?”

“Huhh….” retorts Antoine raising his eyebrows. He still had his eyes closed, as if in a mini-meditation. “Man, what about it…?”

“Do you remember, it yehh or naww kuz?’ retorts Quan sharply, annoyed with his friends ability to find inner peace at such a hectic time.

“Yea whatever nigga, how you gonna sit here and be mad? When it was you who created this fucking problem in the first place!? I’m out here just tryna find peace while hanging with the homie and now look at me,” Antoine states while pointing at the stains on his shirt. Some of it was from mud, dirt, and quite possibly blood. “This was white, before bro…now i dont know what it is.”

Quan starts rubbing his hands together, he says “Yo, I’m sayin thoo…fuck all that…we can get so much quapahoney mayne!” Quan with another large grin on his face. “What do you sayhomie?”

Antoine finally opened his eyes, and stared dead into the eyes of his childhood friend and group member. “Brotha, what the fuck is wrong wit chu man?”

Quan waited for a hint of humor from his homie, but none was to be shown. “Dawg, you don’t see what the fuck we don jus gone thru, let’s review this shituation Hardheaded one shall we?” Antoine continues.

Antoine was fully aware of the situation that he and his best friend were in, and no matter how upset he was with his friend, he knew that they must stick together. But, Antoine was frustrated, it seemed like every-time he was trying to get ahead something that Quan had planned would pull him back down.

“At least think about it Twan, we gotta do something to get this money” replies Quan. A lot more calmness and seriousness seemed to have swept over him. Quan hated to disappoint his long-time friend.

Antoine still starting at his friend, sat down, and pulled his shoes and socks off.

“I’m ready to review this with you man, let’s review what we just went through, because you obviously aren’t thinking clearly…” starts Antoine. “I know that you haven’t forgotten my studies about mental health, this type of stuff is how Vets end up with that gottdamn PTSD shit.”

“Man, whateva boy, you stallin, ” slyly responds Quan picking up on Antione’s relaxed mood. “We ain’t even going to school, talking about let’s review.”

“Man sit yo skinny ass down…” Antoine quickly remarks and grabs his friends arm to pull him down.

“Yea allright,” says Quan with a smile on his face, Antoine knew he hated to be pulled on. Once seated Quan began to adjust himself, recalibrating from the shock. He wasn’t afraid of his friend, but he also hadn’t forgotten why some of the hood called Antoine “G.Z. aka Genghis Zulu.”

Chapter 2Flashback

Three days prior

Ring ring ring, the school bell’s of Shanks J. High School seemed broken again, maintenance was usually lackadaisical around summer holiday. The usual afternoon ruckus was raging, looks like today the Leon Lions were getting into it with the Quincy Boyz, over some mutual relationship affairs.  Shanks J. was an elder school in Gadsden County Florida, where there was a lot of room for renovation and renewal. The students were far away near to the parking lot of the school where the buses pick up students. Anytime the other squads went at it, the Dark Side Demons (DSD) would utilize this time to organize and plan out their next course of action.

“D-Side UP! All clowns down!” Roared the DSD unit, all present members were flying their colors and flexxin to taunt passing girls and any potential enemies.

The DSD membership included twenty veteran members or OGz whom had family ties. These core 20 members were known as D20 or Demon 20 or 20Gz; they had a reputation of loyalty to the code, harsh retaliation against opponents, community service, caregiving, wellness, and no-respect for the public servants aka police and/or any unjust authority.

The Johnson Family, The Montgomery Triplets, The Browns, The Blacks, and The Freemen; all had history spanning over 333 years, since before their families rebelled alongside each other against US President James Monroe’s military forces lead by Andrew Jackson during the Seminole War(s) I,II,& III 2, (also know as the War of 1812). As a result of these wars with the colonizers and according to his-story, many indigenous tribe families were forced to leave their homes in an incident known as the Seminole Trail of Tears 3 which happened a few years before the exodus of the Cherokee and other’s tribes 4 in the (more known) Trail of Tears. These families and this tribe were also involved during the French and Indian War(s) in the mid 1750s sparked by none other than the first US President George Washington. At this time the families were referred to as the Seminole tribe (Spanish for wild or untamed), a part of an even larger Creek Nation. Their population was made up primarily of the indigenous of Turtle Island; within the tribe there was a mixture with some of the Afrakan Indigenous freed from kidnapping. “Never forgotten,” “Forgive but never forget; If it’s family: breath, receive, and release,” and “All in, none out,” are all mottos of the organization.

These families not only had inner ties within DSD, throughout their family network the Seminoles expanded internationally throughout various states, countries, and continents. There was alot in support of the DSD if their actions proved honorable, however life can have it’s challenges and trials, what would you decide?

DSD membership was no easy feat, blood relation did not automatically qualify you. The Brown, Johnson, and Freeman families had many members and only a select few were within the ranks of OGz. In order to join you had to defeat one of the twenty in a tournament. The current twenty members have held their position for the last 5 years, which is a testament to each members capabilities; the youngest being 12 years old. Another part of the Rites of Passage was facing a childhood fear and passing the trust test.

In each tournament the OGz get 3 handicaps of their choice. Example handicaps could be: special guest appearance – where a family members joins up with you, eyesight – access to camera that is aimed at the initiate, 2x ammunition, care package, and whatever else they might think of. The OGz were the elites and had nothing to prove, but fighting any member of DSD would prove challenging. All members are trained in at least 2 different martial arts since the age of 7, 3 martial arts by 10, wrestling at 12, and boxing by 15 (depending on their age at joining).

The tournament itself involved challenges of wit, dexterity, balance, strength, endurance, speed, memory, focus, and integrity.

“Whazzup Foo!” yells Boss Freeman, the youngest of The Freeman 6. She was sitting near the exit door of the school, on the ground scouting out what was happening between the rival gangs. She was so observant, taking copious notes of what she was surveying.

“Hey’s what’s happenin, Boss,” Antoine replies, “Hey you, have you seen my big brother?”

“Naw, but you can ask my dad, they wuz working on a project or something,” Boss replies while observing their surroundings.

“Your dad?! But wasn’t he at school wit us today…did he leave early or somethin?” Antoine asks.

“You do know we have the same dad right..Amari?”

Amari ‘Boss” looks at her older brother with a stare that he knows only means that his little sister is getting distracted and anxious, ready to blow up. “Don’t call me that Antoine!,”

Boss shrugs, “Niggah I don’t know. Look you asked me a question, I gave you an answer..go call him or somethin fool, it’s 2021, nigga don’t you have a phone?” Boss’s annoyance was hard to hide, she was obviously more concerned with the Quincy Boyz and Leon Lions scuffle.

“Ok cool I’ll look around,” states Antoine, un-bothered by the strength of Boss Freeman’s words. “Preciate cha Lil G, D-side up,” replies Antoine.

“All clowns down,” Boss quickly responds.

After pounding Boss’s fists, Antoine starts packing up his bags and walking towards the Black family household. His knuckles are a bit sore from the three golden rings, and jade diamond platinum ring that his little sister was gifted upon initiation.

“Yo, man, where ya goin at” yells a distant voice.

Already being familiar to his squad he knew who was coming up behind him with the speed of an African cheetah. “What’s goodie, Boogie, I’m about to slide to the Black House, you comin with me?” Antoine asks the 6’4 high school basketball and soccer star after dapping him up.

“Naw OG, I’m saying though; you see we all out here 20 deep, why you lookin for your brother right now?” says Boogie. “Like, we ALL out here, I bet he over here too, don’t listen to Boss’s little ass talking about he and her dad got a project. “

A chuckle goes across the nearest OGz, Boss was too pre-occupied with her assignment to be bothered. “Man you already know how my little sister is…she say whatever to dismiss a nigga” laughs Antoine.

“Yea man, I ain’t fuckin wit her for sho…hey but look man, Papa Black was with Lamont the other day, but like we ain’t seen em at all today, even during lunch,” Boogie replies.

Antoine trusted Boogie and admired him in a lot of ways. Boogie Brown was the guy who was doing it right, he stayed away from any illegal activities, he focused on his talents, and he respected women. Boogie had helped Antoine out of danger plenty of times, just by being there at the right place at the wrong time. 

Boogie was an all around stand up guy besides the fact that he was a hot head and had poor choice in girlfriends so far. Standing at 6’4, with size 16 black air force ones or white air force ones. Boogie was usually seen in a tall white or black tank top and green, orange, or black dicky shorts, or khaki capris. He remained steady in his outfits, he was an athlete so everyone respected him inside and outside the gang. 

“Yo, Boogie, what’s going to happen when you finish school?” Antoine thoughtfully asks of his longtime comrade.

“Whatchu mean Twan? Like right now, so we can find Lamont and em?” says Boogie with his right hand to his temple, he had folded up both of his arms faced Antoine eye to eye, showing his genuine interest and attention to this conversation.

Boogie continues, “I mean, or are you talking about in the summer? Or you mean like after high school, when It’s time for me to get all these scholarships and get the fuck outta dodge me nigga?”

Antoine chuckled at this, but he was still concerned and Boogie could tell.

“Hey, look Twan, what’s up, anyways? Where’s this coming from?”

Antoine turns away from his friend and looks up at the sky and says, “I don’t know Boog…it’s like we been out here all this time just doing the same ol shit…like our family has history and we got roots our here in Florida, but i don’t know..I just be thinkin a lot, that’s all…forget it.”

Antoine knew that he had said way too much, he didn’t plan on saying this to Boogie. It wasn’t Boogie’s responsibility to understand Antoine’s curiosity’s. Boogie had enough repsonsibilities as is.

“Man nigga please, miss me with that, keep talkin…you have that brain in your head…what’s it for? To not use it or to think?” Boogie asks.

Antoine still looking at the sky doesn’t respond.

“Nigga answer!” says Boogie.

“Oh, shit I didn’t know you wanted me to repsond…haha I thought it was rhetorical bro, yea man think, my brain is to think,” smiles Antoine; being around Boogie always motivated him and elevated mood.

“Yessir, so don’t forget that man, you ain’t saying nothing that at least one other person has thought about or considered…so even if I don’t kno what that hell ya talkin about…someone will and does foo..” Boogies states.

Feeling proud of himself, Boogie, looks at the sky too with Antoine.

Antoine smiles softly, looks at his comrade Boogie and says, “Hey Boog, I just want you to know I appreciate you. I didn’t plan on saying all this to you, you’re just the first mature person I feel like I could talk to about this.”

“Nigga I’m 17, and you’re 15…We got plenty of time, to learn and quest about stuff. But anytime you want to talk holla at me,” Boogie swayed a bit uncomfortably but then shook it off and says, “I may be really busy soon, and won’t be around the hood as often, but I’m here bro.”

“D-SIDE UP” says Antoine.

“All Clowns Down,” confirms Boogie, with a fist to Antoine’s. “Ayo let’s holla at our little bro’s! I bet them dudes is clownin.”

“Ight Bet.”

Somewhere distant

In Universe 04733775, an ominous presence erupts throughout the galaxy. Deep within the crystalized lair of Lacertiliam there was something crawling and tossing and turning.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more like this, PAY THE MAN lol.

#I Dream #I Cultivate #I Create

~ Peace


1. There also is no hospital in Gadsden County, although a four-bed hospital is scheduled to open in June.

2. Seminole Wars, (1817–18, 1835–42, 1855–58), three conflicts between the United States and the Seminole Indians of Florida in the period before the American Civil War

3. The Seminole Trail of Tears tracks to 1817, when U.S. troops invaded tribal lands in Spanish-owned Florida, looking for escaped slaves.

4. Trail of Tears, in U.S. history, the forced relocation during the 1830s of Eastern Woodlands Indians of the Southeast region of the United States (including Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole, among other nations) to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River.

3 thoughts on “Black n Flo norte – Story (Explicit language)

  1. Yo! You write so well dude. I love your character creation. Antoine is young yet strong, clever and somehow secretive while Boogie is just that kind of boy to be around. I bet he’s upto something away from the gang, he seems ambitious to me. Your character development is amazing. And the suspense.. oh, can’t wait to read the next chapter, man. Seems like BooM! 💥 there’s gonna be war, divisions and bloodshed. Can’t just wait enough to see the great unfolding.


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