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Blogging Challenge Part 1 – Day 10

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Today I would like to spotlight a comedian who has offered some perspective in my life that was much needed for me at this point in time.

Michael Jr. is a father, not only is he that, he is a comedian that has a purpose. Michael Jr. has shared some perspective with a mantra of his, “find your punchline.” As a comedian he has his own style and way of communicating his message to the world, I think his message resonates with me very much as he teaches, love, acceptance, humor, and awkwardness!

My Intro To Michael Jr.

YouTube: I first stumbled upon Michael Jr. while listening to TEDx speeches and then over time, I saw Michael Jr. performing stand up while watching youtube(s) Dry Bar Comedy Stand-Up. This may be the order, at this point my main goal is to share someone who has a message that I personally have enjoyed.

My disclaimer is that I don’t know Michael Jr. personally but I HAVE personally benefited from Michael Jr. He has invoked laughter within my life, challenged my thought process, and encouraged me simply from doing what he enjoys.

Podcast speaking about being a dad

Michael Jr.

The Re-Blame Game @42:00 – 46:00

In the podcast, The Dad Edge Live Legendary, in episode “Funny How Life Works” Michael Jr. shares in communication with Larry Hagner. In this podcast, Michael mentions a game that he came up with called “the re-blame” game.

How to play? In summary:

We blame our fathers for so much trauma, pain, and other suffering that we have experienced. As an artist it’s natural that I use music, writing, and other outlets of creativity to express myself, my views, my pains, my etc. As a part of this game, we were told by Michael to re-blame our fathers for some of the good in our lives.

Here’s an example from me:

I re-blame my dad for my ability to learn different languages. Because of my father being in the military, I was pushed towards different cultures, I learned to listen to their spoken languages and overtime became more interested in the rules of language and how they sound.

I re-blame my dad, for my interest in exploring various cultures and seeing different places on this beautiful Earth.

I re-blame my dad for my care and concern for others knowing what it’s like to be misunderstood, especially as youth and teenagers.

Another inspirational show by Michael Jr.

During this show Michael Jr. shows his own brand of philanthropy, his own mission doing what he feels the creator has called for him to do. As a viewer of this show I learned about what it means to bring cheer and to brand myself. Michael Jr. attributes his style towards his upbringing and his sense of humor.

There were some powerful moments watching what happened during this show; people spent time in unison learning a version of the love that is possible from the heart and kindness of others. Artist, creators, beings of all sorts have a unique spark that can create something so splendid and witnessing these recorded emotions was grand.

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you feel moved towards doing so, check out Michael Jr. and make the educated choice to support a black family!

Thanks for being here and experiencing the DREAM, let’s get out there and CULTIVATE positive and pure seeds, to CREATE an even Better Earth, the Earth that Earth deserves =) The Earth that your children and mothers deserve, that your Brothers and Sisters deserves, the Earth that ALL Beings Deserve.

Hotep, Ankh, Udja Seneb – Selah

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